P22 Blogging

Lately, I’ve become dissatisfied with the sights on my Walther P22. If you’re not aware, the rear sight is windage adjustable (which I’m fine with), and the the front sight is “adjustable” for elevation by using one of the three interchangeable front sight posts.

My problem with this set up is that the front sight posts tend to work loose during rigorous rapid fire. Additionally, I have a decent little Kydex Fobus holster for the thing, which would make it PERFECT for knocking around the woods, but when you draw from the Fobus holster you stand a 75% chance of knocking the front sight off (and in my case, loosing it forever). In the past I tried this option from Walther, although they say that it doesn’t fit the P22; in fact it fits right into the hole in the slide for the sights. The problem was that I couldn’t secure it with the provided nut; it was just pushed into the slide like the standard sights. I tried that, and on my first shot the nice little fiberoptic departed company from the slide to destinations unknown.

After reading around on RimfireCentral a bit, it seems that some folks were able to use the screw to secure the P99 sight to the P22’s slide, so I’m going to try that again to get a studier front sight package. I’ll let you know what the end results are.

My next firearms purchase is probably going to be the 5 inch version of the P22; I know I could just buy the barrel kit and swap it back and forth, but I want two complete pistols – one of which I’ll be submitting to the Ultimate P22 Tacticool Transformation (details later).

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