Explaining to the unitiated

I have a boar hunt coming up in June (moved from April); a coworker overhead me mention it and this is the following conversation.

Coworker (CW): You’re going to shoot a pig?

Me: Not a pig like on the farm, a wild boar.

CW: We have wild boar in America?

Me: Yeah.

CW: Why do you want to kill it?

Me: I don’t want to kill it, I want to hunt it.

CW: So you’re doing this for the meat?

Me: No.

CW: So you’re just killing it for fun?

Me: No.

CW: I’m confused.

Me: I’m doing it for the challenge. I could go plug some deer with a rifle if I just wanted to kill stuff, but that’s not a challenge, and it’s not about the killing. Taking a boar with a handgun at close range presents a challenge for me as a marksman.

CW: So you’re doing it just to kill an animal?

Me: …….yes. I’m a bloodthirsty maniac, intent on butchering Piglet.

CW: That doesn’t seem right. Doesn’t that pig have just as much a right to live as you?

Me: I guess that’s his tough luck for not evolving higher on the food chain, then.

It occurred to me that I was glad I hadn’t told her that next year I want to use a spear.