Wisdom of the Duke, March 9th 2007

I love Fridays; we go out with our friends, and it’s right before Shooting Saturdays (when I go to the range). Plus, I get to post what is basically the only recurring theme of my blog, Wisdom of the Duke.

“Out here a man settles his own problems.” – John Wayne from The Man who Shot Liberty Valence

Mmm…quotes against the Nanny-state from The Duke. I’m sure that some of my readers are of an age where they can remember when people solved their own problems. I just feel like today there is far too much an emphasis on getting the government/administration to take care of your problems for you.

I remember that LawDog had a post a while back about a mom who called the police to deal with her recalcitrant daughter, that’s the sort of thing I’m talking about here. When I was younger, if you were being bullied it was still (although it was starting to be frowned upon) acceptable to drill said bully a good one-two combo to the stomach and face. These days that would land your child with a suspension, and possibly an arrest when the bully’s idiot parents call the cops.

The result of children in school being trained to tell teacher and expect the authorities to protect them will be that sooner than later we will be saddled with an entire generation of proto-adults that run around expecting Mother Government to handle any bad situation. This of course will make it easier for Mother Government to take our guns, our freedom of speech, and pretty much whichever freedoms they want.

They won’t even have to use force on most people, because they’re being trained to accept the will of authority figures without question. When you start them sucking on the teat of Mother Government while they’re in school, our children will simply grow up accepting the Will of The State, and we can watch individual rights erode.

“Don’t worry, call the cops. They’ll protect your house from intruders. Anyone who owns a gun is just paranoid.”

We need more men that “solve their own problems.”