Mousegun League scoring

After much deliberation, we’ve decided to go with the IDPA scoring system, which uses the Vicker’s Count method. This should place more emphasis on accuracy rather than speed; additionally since everything is reduced to a time number where the lowest number wins it allows for an easy solution to the handicapping issue for extremely small pistols. While we have not (of yet) determined the specific handicaps; specific pistols and revolvers of certain weights will have 5-15 seconds removed from their score on each stage.

Below is copy of the basic scoring set up for a Vicker’s Count, copied directly from the IDPA rule book.

Easy way to score Vickers Count:

1. Write down the raw time from the timer.
2. Count the total number of misses.
3. Multiply the number of misses by five (5) points down.
4. Add the number of points down for the remaining shots to the number of misses.
5. Write down the total points down and multiply by half (.5) second.
6. Write down applicable penalties, for instance; add three (3) seconds for any procedural penalty.
7. Add the raw time to the converted points down and applicable penalties for a final score.
8. In this way, everything has been converted to time so that the lowest (fastest) time wins.


We have had some great suggestions, including a “gun box” to make sure that your pistol fits the size requirements, as well as the possibility of a derringer division. I personally like the idea of a derringer division, so I’ll submit that idea for review. With the regards to the gun box, we’re not going to go in that direction yet, and we hope that the spirit of gamesmanship does not overtake the shooters that would get involved with Mousegun Shooting. With an eye towards preventing trying to game the barrel length and weight restrictions, the official rules will have a ban on aftermarket grips.

Forthcoming info

Now that the scoring system and divisions are roughly in place, our very next update will be on administrative details, course procedures, equipment and safety restrictions.

We’re also looking for ranges in the Central Indiana area to hold our first match. If you belong to a range that you think would be open to 10-30 people with wee-little guns having a little shootin’ match, drop me a line. admiralahab @ gmail dot com.