Musing on the new AWB

While I desperately hope that this new AWB (HR 1022 – oh the irony) will not pass into law; I just read the text for the first time and I was struck by a number of odd provisions on things that will become illegal.

  1. My Walther P22 – since it wasn’t purchased in Kalifornistan, it has a threaded barrel. Illegal.
  2. A Broomhandle Mauser – as it accepts a magazine in somewhere other than the pistol grip.
  3. All AR style pistols, including the Kel-Tec pistol. Same problem as the Mauser.
  4. Due to some interesting language, they managed to nail the SKS without actually nailing the SKS. And you certainly can’t modify it to get detachable magazines.
  5. The folding stock mod for 10/22s. There isn’t any language in the bill that says “Oh yeah, this doesn’t apply to your .22s.”
  6. This bill even would affect C&R collectors, as it nails basically any semi-automatic rifle designed for “military purposes”, and even includes the Dragunov (bastards!).

That’s all that really jumped out at me. I’m going to go the opposite route of everyone who is stockpiling ARs and hi-caps – I’m going to stockpile military bolt actions and ammo. Because you know that “Sniper Rifles” are next.

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