Global Community

If the world really was a “global community”…

America would be the director of the neighborhood watch.

Canada would be the neighbor with the really nice lawn.

Mexico would be the neighbor that cuts through your backyard and fucks up your plants.

Iran would be the neighbors with the dog that keeps shitting on your lawn.

Iraq is the neighbor with the domestic violence issues.

Europe thinks they can stop Iran’s dog shit by pretending it’s not happening.

Israel just wants to shoot the goddamn dog.

China’s dog shits on your lawn as well, but China pretends it doesn’t know anything about it.

North Korea’s kids keep throwing rocks at your car, but they keep missing.

Japan’s kids get straight A’s, and they’re really good at dodging rocks.

The UN would sit on the porch and yell at Iran & China to control their dogshit, North Korea’s kids to stop throwing rocks, but not actually do anything about it.

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