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38 thoughts on “Team Gun Nuts”

  1. I was just wondering if you were going to go back to the mobile web site or if the change of format is permanent? The new format is OK except for the Chevy ad that overlays a third of the screen on an iPhone and you can’t get rid of it. It makes the site almost unusable. In fact I’m typing text behind the ad now so I can’t see what I’m doing. Thanks for what you do. Great info and I look forward to more.

  2. Came here to say the same thing. I can’t hardly see the website in my phone because of the HUGE Chevy ad. There isn’t an option to close it out either. If I turn my phone sideways, the ad completely covers the entire screen and I can’t even see any of the content.

  3. When you repair your Boss, or your post on shooting sports training, please re-broadcast it, because it would be of interest.

  4. Is there a button to subscribe somewhere? I’ve been looking and can’t find it. I’m going to try the check box under the comment section to see if it works, but if not, I would like to know how I can. And you’re welcome to tell me I’m blind if I just can’t find the button. 🙂 I like your site and I just want to see when you post new things.

  5. I must of missed something. I noticed that when I click on reply; it brings me to a page with no comment options. Did I miss a posted change of format.


  6. FYI the RSS feed seems to have stopped working. Hadn’t had time to investigate before now, but the last feeds showed up on July 10. Is this a deliberate change or is something not working correctly? I’m using feedly, switched from Google about six weeks ago, and the feeds worked fine after the swap, so that’s not related to the problem.
    Going to ping a couple of you via email as well as I think you want to hear about a problem like this ASAP.

  7. I,m planning on buy my wife a new rifle, in savage lady hunter but question is do buy 7mm08 or 308 or 243 the gun wil be used mainly for white tail and few trips out west .Used in Michigan & canada

  8. Hey Caleb… boss man…. I’m a member of SOFREP…. One who is “not aware of BW’s stance on gun control”….
    I’d like to invite you to discuss your views on gun control on site. I’m willing to pay your 1st month. We’re respectful and love great discussion and debate. Hope to see you there soon. Hope you and your family had a great New Year!

    1. Thanks for the offer, I appreciate it. I’ve already been in touch with Brandon to set up an interview at SHOT Show, so we’ll definitely have the conversation.

  9. Caleb, I was interested by your review of the Danner Tachyons. I am debating between those and Nike SFBs. Which boot do you think is better? I want a light boot I can run in, but would prefer they are durable (lots of SFB wearers claim they don’t last). Are the Danners worth it, or should I get the Nikes for $109.00?

  10. Caleb, in your post on travel with guns. You talked about you can lock it all in one case. Do you lock all your gun in the pelican case in the post, with ammo, mags, belt and extra?

  11. Caleb, I wish you would’ve left the comments open on the Front Sight post. A buddy of mine and I (both prior mil, former cops and current firearms instructors) went to Front Sight’s 4-day Instructor Development Course (which is basically a working interview to be an instructor there) a few months ago and left after the first day. What they teach COULD get someone killed and I say that in all honesty.

    Do they have a well-run operation and a nice facility? Yes. But what they teach is crap. We both decided that it wasn’t a place either of us wanted to be associated with. I wouldn’t recommend Front Sight to ANYONE, beginner or not.

    I have about three certificates for their 4-day Defensive Handgun course that I got for less than $100/each. If you want one, I’d be MORE than happy to GIVE you one. I’ll never use them…

  12. Caleb, I want to thank you for the inspiration to shoot my GP100 in action-type sports. Had that thing for 20+ years. Shot it for the first time in that manner last night at PPC league. My G17 league average is 606/660. Scored 608 with the GP100. I’ll definitely be shooting it in other sports. Happy shooting, Jerry

  13. Caleb, love Gun Nuts. Love your mostly rational position on OC. You could skip the name calling. Emotional issues require level heads to prevail. Otherwise, right on the mark. Thank you for being the guinea pig. I also loved Jerry Michelak’s video on the subject.

    I just ran across GunsUp magazine. Nice! You should plug it more in your blog. I didn’t know about in the several months I’ve been reading Gun Nuts.

    One editorial suggestion for GunsUp: Your page on the Safety Rules faithfully follows Jeff Cooper’s version. Another gun writer I highly respect, Stephen Wenger, adds one another item: Rule #5 Maintain control of your guns.

    One of the gun-grabbers biggest hammers is every time a kid gets a hold of daddy’s gun and shots his best friend, 1) it’s tragic; 2) The press is all over it. In many states, gun safes are required by law. It should be part of of our own law. Please consider adding Rule #5 to GunsUp’s Safety Rules.

  14. Hi Caleb,

    Can you please post some pics of the H&K VP9 with the taylor freelance base plate?

    Tks alot.

  15. Caleb, I’m curious about your take on something. I’m always watching defense ammo offerings. I know great strides have been made in all the popular calibers making a good many of them too close to call when it comes to the question of which is best. I noticed on Buffalo Bore’s website, they offered an “Anti-personnel” hard cast wad cutter for a couple of calibers, .44 special for one. I read up on it a little, makes a certain kind of sense, but I haven’t decided to use it yet. Right now either Critical Defense, or Corbon 165s. What would you think of the old concept of wad cutters for low powered revolvers?

  16. Hello Caleb: I disagree with almost all of your stated positions and I am probably on the other side of the aisle from you, but I have to commend your reasoned response to the commentators on the Muslim gun range thing. Thanks for taking the time to try and educate the posters.

  17. I truly enjoy your site, but I have a request; Can we have more discussion of shooting sports technique, mindset, and drills?

  18. I think Caleb Giddings is one of the worst writers I have ever read, also he seems to be a bigot. To top that off I would guess he is one of those brain dead liberal sheep that only knows what his liberal gun control bigot handlers has told him to know. The good old US of A was a much better place before we had trash like Caleb around spouting his garbage.

  19. Great essay on “sheepdog-ing”. If I may make a suggestion, the title makes it seem like the worse loss was GZ ruining his life … whereas I think many might point out that a young man lost his life, because a sheepdog went and harrassed him and he didn’t like that (why people do not like to be harrassed is beyond me!).
    Main point is, great essay.

    And you’re not a bad writer, at all. It’s sad that fans of the US of A don’t appreciate that, especially when there is much that could be learned …

  20. Caleb! Your post about ProMag’s NEW magazine… is stupid slanderous and irrational. BTW! We don’t even make that magazine any longer – we have the new RollerMag instead- SO GET current !!! Your latest post is SOOOOOOOO 2 years ago! Man up! Your slander against a MADE in the USA company is pretty harsh… have you tried all 300 magazines by the way? To say all is garbage- shows what your opinion is truly worth.

    1. Janelle,

      The magazine in the video was included NIB with a brand new gun purchased by our customer. It is also listed for sale on your website: which I find unusual since you claim to not make it any more.

      I have had extensive experience with ProMag products, none of which has been positive. I find the tone of your response to be somewhat disappointing, as I would expect a representative of the company in question to at least not use all caps in their reply. I am sorry that you’re upset by my video, however since the magazine in question was purchased new at retail, and is still available for sale on your website, I would tend to disagree with your statement that it has been discontinued.

  21. Have any of you guys shot the Chiappa 45/22? I bought one recently and had to return it because all it did was stove pipe and fail to extract repeatedly. The store owner said it was because of the ammo but I have never heard of a gun that was that finicky. I am an occasional shooter so I don’t have an extensive knowledge of pistols. I do have a 10/22 and an old 1911 and they both work fine. Is the store owner a BS artist or do I really need a 4 hour class on how to match ammo and a gun before I buy? ( I returned it and am getting a ruger MK3 but they are only giving me $130.00 credit on the $340.00 sale toward the Rugar.)

  22. Reading about practicing at 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, speed/etc. As a musician and someone interested in firearms, it seems a metronome would be handy. I’m not sure about competitive regulations, but having a metronome set to the beat of the count seems like it would be most beneficial. I use always use a metronome when playing drums and do that exact thing with complex parts – slow it down to 1/2 speed and slowly increment until I can play it fluidly and flawlessly full speed.

    Just an idea, take it or leave it. And with that $0.02 is a penny for your thoughts so if you find it works or doesn’t work for you, please let me know.

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