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Competition Gun Comparison: Gen4 Glock 34 vs. FNS-9 Longslide

fns vs glock 34

Both are 17+1 capacity guns with 5(ish) inch slides for good sight radius. They both have interchangeable backstraps, trigger pulls in the same general area, and no external safeties. The FNS in my opinion is easier to reload and comes from the factory with better sights, the G34 on the other hand is a proven, reliable design with a huge amount of aftermarket support.

Which would you pick?

All guns are always loaded

But some guns are loaded-loaded. One of the interesting side effects of working in the firearms industry and constantly being around guns is how Rule 1 (all guns are always loaded) gets treated in different situations. For example, in my immediate area right now there is one loaded gun (my carry gun) and 12 guns that I know for a fact aren’t loaded. Now, does that mean I’m going to pick up those unloaded guns and not check them first to make sure they’re unloaded? Of course not.