Revolver Tour #10: Ruger Vaquero .45 Colt

Ruger Vaquero with Winchester PDX

I’ve only had this gun for a couple of days, and I already love it. There’s something deeply satisfying, something good and right about a big steel revolver chambered in .45 Colt. It looks nice. It feels good in the hand. It provides those wonderful clicking noises as you slowly thumb the hammer back, and you feel a connection with the cowboys of old as the gun thumps and rolls in your hand as you send 250 grains of lead downrange.

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Taylor’s 1873 Ladies & Youth Carbine Version II

WINCHESTER, VA (July 23, 2014) – Taylor’s & Co. firearms is pleased to announce the new and improved 1873 Ladies & Youth Carbine Version II. This popular lever-action features a 16 1/8” barrel, with a shortened stock for a shorter length of pull. This is the first time Uberti has manufactured a model with a shortened length of pull for Taylor’s & Co.. The Ladies & Youth Carbine Version II features a tapered round barrel for lighter weight, and is chambered in .357Mag/.38 Sp. This carbine is ideal for Cowboy Action Shooting, as it will hold ten rounds of .38 Sp ammunition. This handy rifle is ideal for persons of shorter stature and youth shooters that experience discomfort using heavier, lengthy standard 1873 lever-action rifles. The rubber butt pad on the walnut stock increases comfort along with upgrades such as a leather stock cover and gold bead sight. The shortened length of pull (less than 12.8”) on the Ladies & Youth Version II, will be more accommodating, allowing for ease of use and increased comfort. The carbine is also available without the leather stock cover and gold bead sight.

taylors 1873 ladies and youth carbine II

“The Ladies & Youth Carbine Version II is the first lightened carbine ideal for a type of shooter that other 1873 Rifles do not accommodate. We have worked with Uberti to bring this innovative lever-action to the market in 2013, and now have improved it this year to meet shooters’ requests. It’s the first of its kind for reproduction lever-action rifles!,” stated Tammy Loy, CEO of Taylor’s & Co., Inc..

  • Model: Ladies & Youth Carbine Version II
  • Caliber: .357Mag/.38 Sp
  • Capacity: Holds 10 Rounds of .38SP
  • Barrel Length: 16 1/8” Round Tapered
  • Stock: Walnut with Rubber Butt Pad
  • Finish: Blued Receiver & Furnishings
  • Frame: Forged Steel
  • Overall Length: 37.42”
  • MSRP: $1351.00