adds Top Shot competitor Kelly Bachand to their Pro Staff

SEATTLE, WA (February 1st, 2011), the authoritative community for gun enthusiasts to share, discuss, review, and compare guns, announces their sponsorship of “Top Shot”competitor Kelly Bachand.

“Kelly is a champion High Power Rifle competitor who embodies the enthusiasm for the Shooting Sports that we want to support,” says Dan Hall, CEO of “He is a hard working, local student so sponsoring him was an easy decision. We are excited to have Kelly be part of the GunUpPro Staff.”

“Not too long ago I would have thought the words “Pro Staff” and my name didn’t belong in the same sentence,” adds Kelly Bachand. “I’m very excited to be part of the GunUp Pro Staff. Their vision and use of technology resonated strongly with me. I hope my youth, drive, and humility bringa unique perspective to the team.”

Kelly joins fellow competitive shooters, Caleb Giddings and Mike Gallion, as part of the GunUp Pro Staff. The GunUp Pro Staff contributes monthly articles to GunUp and field questions asked byGunUp Members on their recently launched Question & Answer section.


  1. Kelly, from what I have seen from you and heard from others, you belong as “Pro Staff”! I’m excited to get your perspective.

  2. That’s great. Got onto this blog after the show, but when we watched the show as it came available online when we were in Iraq, pretty much everyone in the section(sniper section) had nothing but admiration for Kelly, ability to adapt, can do attitude, ability to perfom under “adverse” conditions,etc. Good call Caleb. Look forward to reading your stuff Kelly

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