New Gun Nuts Radio tonight

After some fun and entertaining technical difficulties at SHOT, we’re back this week with a live episode at 7pm Pacific time.  Tune in to the livecast by visiting on your PC; you can also stream the broadcast from your droid or iPhone now!

Tonight’s show, I’ll be talking about the goodies seen at SHOT SHOW 2011.  The good products, the bad products, and the just plain “WTF” products.  Obviously this means the Kel-Tec shotgun will come up, and I notice with interest another video has been posted of the thing firing…and the shooter completely releasing the trigger before running the action.  But we’ll also talk about the new Judge and Wesson S&W Governor, some cool products from STI, and a lot of other fun stuff. Join me tonight at 7pm Pacific time (10pm Eastern) for Gun Nuts Radio!


  1. I did not look at the Kel Tec Shotgun but if it as I understand, their little 380s and the Taurus TCP are the same. I refused to write up the TCP because of the flaw but have noticed the problem was not mentioned in any of the reviews I’ve seen on the handgun.

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