Comp-Tac Speed Red

I honestly can’t think of a good name for my now “signature” red holster from Comp-Tac; but I did get a request from someone to see it in action.  So I grabbed a screencap from this video for a shot of the holster in action.  A couple of features of the holster that you can really see well in that image are how wide open the thing is – there’s no hunting around for the opening of the holster when you’re putting the gun back in, which makes it much easier to holster up without having to look down at your holster.  You can also see how deep the sight channel is – this is great for competition shooters who will frequently replace the factory sights on their guns with sights that have a different profile; in fact I’ll probably end up replacing the front sight on the SR9c with a fiber optic eventually.

The other thing that I really like about the Comp-Tac paddle is that the paddle is part of the holster’s body.  Unlike other paddle holsters such as the Fobus, the “paddle” and the back piece of the holster are all one piece, with the paddle folded over and tucked under my trousers , held securely by my belt.  I cannot recommend this holster strongly enough for IDPA or USPSA competition, and you can buy your own from Comp-Tac’s website.


  1. Caleb,

    How would the paddle holster be for everyday carry? I have a Comp-Tac IWB that I really like, but I’ve got to open up my belt and pants to put it on.

    I’d like to have something that I can pull off my belt when I get to work and put in my desk drawer, and then quickly slide back on when I go to lunch, or at the end of the day.

    The LCP in my pocket fits the bill, but when it gets to be winter, and I’m wearing a sweater everyday, I’d like to start carrying a “real” gun.

    Do you estimate that the paddle would conceal reasonably well under a loose sweater? Or would it stick out to far? Is it best left to the range?

    I was actually looking at that holster on the Comp-Tac website just yesterday. I probably won’t get the red one though.

    Keep up the good work!



    1. The paddle holster probably will not conceal that well under a sweater unless it’s a very large and unfashionable sweater. When I carry using that type of holster I always have either a vest or jacket over the gun.

      1. As my sweaters are all very fashionable, I suppose I’ll have to continue to contemplate this question. Thanks. Pete

  2. Seriously, I’ve seen this holster up close, and it’s fiery red and comes in a very compact package. no worrying about difficult to wear “lok”ing mechanisms or separate paddles.

    I’m already tempted to get one, wish they made them in other colors.

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