M&P40 Pro Series now available

It’s finally here!  The S&W M&P40 Pro Series long slide pistol is finally cataloged and available on S&W’s website.  I have been excited about this gun ever since an S&W rep said last year that they “might” do something like that as part of the Pro Series line up.  I’ve blogged about it, I’ve talked about it, and finally my wait is over.  I have a serious love affair with the .40, and the M&P Pro series – someone asked me the other night what it would take to get me to stop shooting wheelguns and go back to semi-autos on a permanent basis?  You’re looking at it.  I am way more excited about this gun than I have any reason to be – I just don’t know what it is though; the M&P series won my heart with ease, and I’ve always had a soft spot for .40s.  I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these for USPSA and IDPA competition; this is the perfect fit for the “one gun to rule them all” project I’ve been talking about.  Whether it’s USPSA Limited-10, IDPA ESP and SSP, Steel Challenge, 3-Gun Competition, or Bianchi Cup production division I imagine you’d be hard pressed to go wrong with one of these.

I know I sound like a ridiculous fanboy right now, and I promise that once I get my hands on them I’ll offer up the kind of reviews and coverage you’ve come to expect from Gun Nuts, but right now I’m just so excited that I’m dorking out a little bit.


  1. Caleb-

    I agree with you, assuming that you are shooting Major 40 loads when you need to and Minor 40 loads when you can.

    1. “Bridging the gap between main production and the Performance Center, the Smith & Wesson Pro Series represents the next step up from standard production line models. These firearms offer a variety of enhancements yet still remain true to “stock”. Bringing competition specifications and features in factory models, the Pro Series offers that ready-to-go package while still maintaining production line integrity. ”

      It sounds an awful lot like the old homologation rules from European and American racing.

  2. Cool! Although you know I’m still waiting for a long-slide Ruger SR9… maybe call it the Ruger SR9L. Or maybe even an SR40???

  3. So, the next logical question is will you get a M&P40c for CCW or use the Pro for everything? Myself, I’m still fighting back and forth whether to sell my Glock 19 and put the money towards a M&P9 since the size is pretty close just the grip and barrel length is a bit longer.

    Now if only S&W would hurry up and offer an M&P9 with the same frame as the full-size but with the 9c barrel length.

  4. What is this “fanboy” stuff anyway? I don’t know if its a drug, a virus, an element, an animal, mineral or vegetable, a pathogen or what. I do know that I have been under its influence before spending money. I think they say recognition is the first step to recovery.

    Also, don’t ask me how much .40 I have. Still I must have been recovering because before today I was unaware there were such things as Major 40 and Minor 40.

    Thanks, Joe.

    1. Also, don’t ask me how much .40 I have. Still I must have been recovering because before today I was unaware there were such things as Major 40 and Minor 40.

      Minor/Major is based on the powerfactor equation – when IPSC started, shooters using light-recoiling 9mm were penalized for less than center of mass hits.

      The equations is just:

      Bullet Weight (grains) x Bullet Velocity (FPS) / 1000 = PF.

      EX. a 165gr bullet moving at 1000 FPS = 165 PF.

      Major is anything 165 PF or above.
      Minor is anything 125-165 PF.

      How this all relates to .40:

      .40 can be effectively downloaded to recoil about the same as a 9 sillymeter. Places like Atlanta Arms will do that (good stuff, btw) if you don’t reload.

      It is FUN to shoot, but if you’re using fixed sights your POI might be a few inches higher…

  5. I take delivery of my M&P 45 full size on Friday from my FFL.

    I had a chance to shoot one and I prefer it over my G21, which is why I sold my G21 to help fund my M&P.

  6. Ok, now that you’ve got them making an M&P40 Pro…can you get to work on forcing Smith to make a M&P10?

    And also? M&P Pony. That’d be sweet too…

  7. There’s been one of these out for years, it is called the Glock 35 😉 I’ve compared the Glock 34 and the M&P Pro Series 9mm and I just can’t get comfortable with the M&Ps. The trigger guard isn’t undercut so I can’t get my hand high enough on the grip without straining my strong hand middle finger. They do shoot nice but no better or worse than the Glock. It could just be that I shoot Glocks a LOT so I could have some bias but my Dad loves the M&Ps and I’ve shot them. Just don’t seem to fit my hand. Maybe it does for others….since these sell great and have a huge following. What are your thoughts on the gains and trade-offs between the Glocks and M&Ps?

  8. I’ve been lusting over a Springfield Armory XDm-45 or 40 for some time now, just not in the budget unless I either sell a couple of guns or children, and the wife objects to selling the kids.

    Which leaves me debating, is the gun worth selling some others for?

    Thoughts? I held a XD 9 in the gun shop and it felt good, how does it shoot, does it live up to the hype?

    1. Personally, I’d buy an M&P over an XD. The M&P seems to fit nicer in the hand, has less silly parts to break, and most importantly has several major police contracts which mean you’ll actually be able to get parts for it. Additionally thanks to the M&P’s dedicated following in the action shooting world, there is already a decent market for upgraded and performance enhancing M&P parts.

      1. “less silly parts to break”…best quote ever. I’ve been saying the same thing ever since the XD’s came out and people just give me that blank look. Glad someone else understands it. I also agree… M&P over the XD.

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