Gun Nuts Radio: The Hater edition

I warned you not to miss last night’s show, but unless you were one of the 200 live listeners, you failed to heed that warning.  It was in short, a GREAT show.  The first half hour or so was dedicated to wailing on AHSA – we talked about where their money is coming from, who exactly is involved with the organization, and why they appear to be trying to clean up their image.  We even had a call from Ray Schoenke*, who confessed on air that he is enemies with NRA**.  Don’t believe me?  You can click here to visit the show page.  If you’d rather have the show in “take it with you” .mp3 format, that’s an option as well – just click here for an .mp3 of last night’s awesome show.

AHSA wasn’t the only target in our gun sights though – the last 30 minutes or so of the show was dedicated to taking callers, and letting our listeners tell us exactly “what is pissing you off about the government right now”.  In addition to being a very cathartic experience, it was also a lot of fun to host, and a lot of fun to listen to.  Our very first caller nailed it when he said “An easier question might be what isn’t pissing me off about government right now”; a sentiment which was echoed in the chat room.

I say this every week, but if you’re not listening to the show live, you’re missing one of the best components of the show – the live chat and video interface.  The chat room is a pretty vibrant and active place, with 50+ users on a regular basis all chiming in their opinions on the topic at hand, and sometimes topics that aren’t at hand.  The dynamic nature of the chat and the show is what makes the live experience such a blast.  Of course, you can always download the shows, because 9pm Eastern isn’t the best time for everyone.  You can still get the show on iTunes as well, either by going to the iTunes store and searching for “Gun Nuts Radio”, or by clicking this link for instructions.

One of the big announcements on the show was the Gun Nuts Charity Auction, which will be held sometime around Christmas this year.  Proceeds from the auction are going to go to benefit the Honored American Veterans Afield program.  We already have a couple of sponsors on board who have donated items for the auction, and in the time in between now and the actual auction date, expect to see the official sponsor/prize table grow.  I’m personally very excited about this, as it gives readers and listeners of Gun Nuts Radio the opportunity to buy some cool swag as well as show their appreciation to the men and women that help preserve our liberties.  Keep watching for more updates on the auction, and make sure you listen to Gun Nuts Radio on Tuesday at 9pm Eastern!


  1. Best. Show. Ever.

    I made the unfortunate mistake of taking a swig of coke a split second before Breda called Shoenke a douchebag.

  2. Hey Caleb,

    I know last night you briefly commented about your opposition to national gun registry, and I strongly agree and support that opposition. However, the ATF already has a default database of gun purchases. All FFL dealers are required to retain information on all gun purchases for 20 years from the date of sale. If the FFL goes out of business they then have to relenquish all of their data to the ATF. So although there may not be a formalized electronic data base, the government has the means to trace the origin of all gun sales back to the original purchaser. It may be a rather slow means, but they do have the ability. Just recently a gun that Boston medical student, Philip Markoff used to commit a murder was traced to the FFL where the sale was made. Obviously, the media ran an article stating that the Gun Shop was “linked” to the murder. This made my blood boil! To infer that the FFL had anything to do with the crime is just indefensible! I know him personally and his honesty is beyond reproach!!!

  3. Great show. I like the chat, but I have a hard time listening live at that time. Besides, my computer is in my family room, so the rest of the family is often trying to watch TV or a movie while I’m listening to the show.

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