So much for the VP debate

I have some nervousness about the upcoming VP debate; however now that I found out that the “moderator” of the VP Debate is a staunch Obama supporter, I have pretty much abandoned all hope.

Honestly, I thought debate moderators were supposed to be neutral – now we’ve got someone who has published a book which is filled full of fawning flattery about Barack Obama as the moderator of the debate!  I’m not exactly optimistic that she’ll be able to put her bias aside, as PBS received multiple complaints about her coverage of the Republican National Convention, where she pretty much tossed any pretense of journalistic integrity right out the window.

I guess I’ll find out on Thursday, but since The Commission on Presidential Debates decided to not put any limits on what she can ask, I’m already assuming that she’s going to have her bias clearly on display.


  1. Moderator Gwen’s writing a book
    Giving Barack an adoring look
    There’s Obama to thank
    When she fills up her bank
    Think she’ll be fair, by hook or by crook?

  2. Since some people believe the ‘Palin banned books’ meme, perhaps she might start another, “Palin burned books!”. She could stary with this book.

  3. Another thing…it’s like an NFL referee betting on the game he is in charge of. And he’s betting on your opponent. Why watch a game if the ref is betting on the other side?

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