College students don’t need to be armed

Because when a crazy person is trying to smash your apartment door in, the 911 operator will hang up on you.

My heart breaks for the family that lost their daughter – and beyond that I’m absolutely shocked at conduct of the 911 dispatcher that dealt with the girl’s call.  Bottom line: that dispatcher should be fired right now, and not allowed to work for emergency services ever again.  That dispatcher has to live with the fact that Brittany Zimmermann died in part because of the dispatcher’s utter failure to do their job.

But remember, pro-gun advocates are crazy for suggesting that college students who meet the legal requirements be allowed to own and carry firearms on campus.

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  1. What’s sad is this young lady didn’t live on campus. She could have availed herself of an appropriate firearm and protected herself.

    That does not excuse the inaction of the 911 operator, and points out the need to take personal responsibility for one’s own safety. But, she lived in a “safe” neighborhood according to long-time residents, and coupled with the PSH that abounds in universities…

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