It’s easier to murder people

If they can’t fight back.

Police in Sudan have threatened to use force to seize arms from displaced Darfuris in one of the region’s most volatile camps, according to a police notice seen by Reuters on Wednesday.

The document gave Kalma residents three days from Wednesday to hand in weapons kept inside the camp.

The notice said police would “seize all unsubmitted weapons by force after the expiration of the date given,” leaving the exact deadline ambiguous.

Of course, it’s being done “for the safety” of the occupants of the camp; which of course begs the question of who exactly is going to protect the refugees from their alleged “protectors”?

Darfur as a region is in deep, and yet I somehow doubt that the forces that are causing the violence and destabilization in this particular camp are going to be somehow dissuaded because the Sudanese government has disarmed everyone else.  All that you will have is a bunch of unarmed victims waiting around to be killed by their own government, or other radical factions.

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