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Kimber 1911 Slow Motion Recoil Comparison

One of the interesting things about slow-motion video is how much it lies to the senses. At 480 FPS, the difference in muzzle flip between the aluminum Crimson Carry and the steel Desert Warrior looks considerable. But from behind the trigger in real time, I would have said there’s not much difference at all. Having a solid grip and good stance brought the guns back on target in about the same amount of time. I do have to say, after shooting it at M3GI Media Day, I really want one of these 5 inch aluminum guns in 9mm. That’d be the heat.

Why I put a $700 HK in a $25 nylon holster

If you follow me on Instagram (and you totally should if you booze, cars, guns, and pictures of my dog) you might have seen this photo and caption:

HK VP9 Blackhawk nylon holster

I’ve never been more ashamed of a holster than I am of this. I’m so sorry, HK for putting your excellent VP9 in this holster. I needed a rig that fit the gun with a Crimson Trace Railmaster.