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Do you even press-check, bro?

M&P9 press-check

Ah, the press check. The way truly paranoid people make sure the bullet gremlins haven’t magically removed the round from the chamber of your carry gun. Some people will say that it’s an unnecessary measure that can cause bullet setback, and other people say it should be an essential part of your daily routine. So bro, do you even press check?

Today on “Dumb guns I want”

Deagle brand deagle

A ported Deagle brand Deagle? Yes please. Can you imagine how rad/stupid this would be with an Aimpoint H1 in a low mount clamped on to the forward rail? Plus, this one is a .357 Magnum, so you know with that weird brake/porting assembly up front it’s just going to shoot fire everywhere, be loud as f***, and completely retarded and totally awesome.

USPSA Single Stack Ready: Kimber Team Match II

Kimber Team Match II

I’m thinking of getting back into either Single Stack or L10 later this year. Those have always been my favorite semi-auto divisions, because the equipment you can run in them is frequently more relevant to what people carry every day than Production is anymore. Now that Production is being overtaken by 43 ounce DA/SA steel pastablasters, maybe it’s time to go old school.