Taser X12 Less-Lethal shotgun

The Taser X-12 shotgun, “optimized” to fire the less-lethal Taser 12 gauge projectile. The neat thing about the X12 (which is a Mossberg design) is that it’s not compatible with lethal 12 gauge rounds. Depending on to whom you’re speaking, this is either a good thing or a bad thing; for a police department from a liability standpoint it’s a good thing, since no one will be accidentally slipping a round of 00 buck into their “less-lethal” shotgun.

I don’t know yet whether or not the X12 will be available to non-LE types like you and I, and for some reason I highly doubt that it will be.  That’s actually too bad if you ask me, because I would recommend this to people who might be uncomfortable deploying lethal force against another human for whatever reason.

When I look at stuff like the X12, the sci-fi nerd in me kicks up just a little bit and says “soon…we’ll be able to set for stun…soon”, which of course I think is just fantastic.

4 thoughts on “Taser X12 Less-Lethal shotgun”

  1. they can still stuff their oldschool 12 guage with beanbag rounds or rubber balls.

    All of these rounds CAN be lethal, but if they’re liking the less-than-lethal these’ll do the trick and be ASSLOADS cheaper than the taser rounds.

    Personally if I ever have to point a shotgun at somebody so much has already gone wrong that I’ll only want #00 buckshot in the bore.

  2. When I first heard of those taser rounds, I immediately thought of creating an air gun capable of firing them (without the powder charge, of course). It wouldn’t have the legal hangups of a firearm, but could still temporarily stop an opponent.

    I’m not sure how well it would work, though…

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