No one is coming to save you

I am exhausted of writing about terrorist attacks, but they keep happening. And they continue to be relevant to our local self-defense situations here in the states. The most attack in Turkey focused on something that we’ve known forever is a soft target: the unsecure area of airports.

Image courtesy SecuritySales.Com
Image courtesy SecuritySales.Com

“But Caleb” you’ll say, “we can’t carry into airports!” Yeah, I know. That’s a real tricky situation right there, although I’d also be the first to tell you that a 9mm isn’t going to be a whole lot of help against someone clacking off a vest with no warning. However, that’s not the point.

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Kimber Pro Carry II Update: 1,800 rounds and counting

Since I last posted an update, I did manage to fire an additional few hundred rounds through the Kimber Pro Carry II in 9mm.

Kimber Pro Carry II stainless with CTC laser

I didn’t get video of these range trips because I’ve been on a bit of a time crunch lately; however the gun now sits at 1,800 rounds fired. There were no additional failures of any type during the last three range sessions, putting the gun at 5 failures for the duration of the test.

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While I was out

caleb barret 50 bmg

I did manage to get some trigger time in, just on platforms a little bit bigger than my usual 1911s. I also missed a perfect score on the USAF handgun qualification by three shots, which was a little frustrating. But somehow, I’ll survive. Re-qualified on my very favorite gun in the world, the M240, and of course spent some trigger time with an M4 carbine.

All in all it was a pretty fun little hiatus.

Can Can Concealment: Doing it wrong

cancanconcealment derp

I wonder how the marketing conversation that produced this photo went…

“Guys, I’ve got a great idea for our feature image! Let’s have it be a photo of someone demonstrating our holster and how to use it, you end up pointed a loaded gun at your hand!”

Photo of the day: Dan Wesson Valkyrie Commander 9mm

Just got this in today for a 1911 test, and oh my goodness is it a pretty gun. The finish is nice and dark, the Hi-Power style slide cuts have me weak in the knees, and just the general spartan appearance of it makes me happy. It has night sights, nice frontstrap checkering that isn’t too aggressive, and JUST LOOK AT IT.

Have your 1911 Commander range-ready with the Shooter’s Value Pack from Blade-Tech! Less than $50 gets you an injection molded holster and a twin mag pouch, all you need for a day at the range or an IDPA match.

Deal of the day: Burris FastFire with Picatinny mount

Looking for an affordable mini-red dot sight to mount on a rifle or a .22 LR pistol? We have extensive experience with the Burris FastFire series of dots, and I’m a strong believer that they’re an excellent choice for recreational use, which still delivering excellent quality and durability. Get the a Burris FastFire with picatinny mount for only $200 with free Prime shipping.

CCW game on point

Who says you can’t carry a good gun and look awesome at the same time? Now that the grip screw situation has been solved, I can set up my Springfield Armory RO with my red Crimson Trace 20th Anniversary Master Series grips. This grips…man they just look amazing. The best part is that they still perfectly perform their intended function as an aiming device.

Kimber K6s Revolver

New for 2016 from Kimber is something that no one expected: a compact, six shot revolver. That’s right, Kimber is making a wheelgun.


And it looks damn good to my eye. The new K6 is an all stainless steel carry gun with a 2 inch barrel, putting it square against the SP101 and S&W 640 as competitors, but unlike either of those guns it holds a 6th shot in its .357 Magnum cylinder. That is a neat trick.

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