Revolver Tour #12: Ruger Security Six Humpback

Classic Security Six

If I had any kind of timing, I’d have saved the post for the Ruger Security Six “Humpback” for hump-day, but I refuse to kowtow to popular internet trends in the name of cheap jokes (that is a lie). However, it all works out in the end, because this is, to a fan of revolver history, a very interesting gun.

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Revolver Tour #3: Clark Custom Ruger Security Six .357

Ruger Security Six Clark Custom

The 70s and 80s were a great time to be a revolver aficionado. Thankfully, now is also a great time to be a revolver fan, because the great guns that were built in that era are still mostly alive and kicking, and if you’re smart can be had for a great price. For example, the Ruger Security Six – Ruger’s direct competitor to S&W’s K-frame in the LE/Security market of the 70s and 80s. Overbuilt by the standards of the day, the Six-series (Security Six, Speed Six, Service Six) could withstand a steady diet of magnum ammunition with little wear and tear. They were the standard issue firearm for US Border Patrol, the Postal Inspectors, and many other LE agencies.

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