Single mother buys gun, makes it on TMZ

Okay, I know I’m like a month behind the times on this, but I’d bet most of my readers didn’t know that TMZ spotted former child star Hilary Duff buying a Glock in Culver City back in November.


When I found this story this morning I didn’t know what to make of it. My first thought was “so what” and that’s reflected in the title of the post. Apparently, Duff just went through a divorce and is now a single mom, and to my world there’s nothing irrational about a recently single mom buying a quality handgun, presumably for personal protection. I mean, look at the circumstances: her ex-husband is a former professional hockey player, she filed for primary physical custody of their son, and she’s still a relatively high profile person as evidenced by the fact that TMZ is still stalking her. So to us, buying a gun makes a ton of sense.

It’s hard sometimes to remember that we live in an unusual sub-culture as firearms enthusiasts. To us, nothing in this story seems unusual, but to the public at large, it’s apparently worth at least 100 words on TMZ. However, to you and me, a recently divorced single mom buying a Glock makes perfect sense.

So the real question is, what kind of Glock did Hilary Duff buy? I hope it’s a Glock 19, because that’s the best Glock ever. Being famous and relatively wealthy, she’ll also have access to training and quite likely the connections to get a CCW permit in California, which is frequently beyond the reach of mere mortals. Hopefully she’ll be a responsible gun owner and do that, get the training necessary to effectively use that (hopefully a) Glock 19 if the dire need should ever arise.