SCCY’s 9mm Concealed Carry Gun, First Look

Sig Sauer 1911 SpartanSaturday was a busy day for me and meeting new guns. I got to fondle a Sig 1911 Spartan, and dream… But I also got a first look at a very new brand and their new concealed carry offering.

SCCY firearms CPX-2 9mm concealed carryThe company is called SCCY (pronounced Sky) and they are based in Florida. The local rep and his daughter were at the range for National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day, and one of the league women came out of the range to tell the rest of us about the gun the man was shooting. She said it was incredibly light and barely bigger than her new XDs 9mm that she was wearing in a belly band that day (for practice). She said that while it was light weight, the man’s daughter (approximately 11 years old) was handling it like a champ. This woman takes her new hobby of shooting, very seriously and has thrown her self, head first, into IDPA as well. So when she said it was a brand she had never heard of, I was very surprised. When she said “SCCY” I was even more surprised that no gun nut in the room had heard of them either. I then broke out my phone for a quick “Bing” scan, (I no longer default to Google due to their “anti-weapon” policy). Upon arriving on the SCCY website I cringed and told the room the suggested retail price. They cringed as well.

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My Gun-Free-Family Surprises Me

Concealed carry in North CarolinaA day before last weekend’s trip to Asheville NC, my mother said to me,
“You’re not taking the gun with us, are you?” I informed her that this was, in fact, my plan, because when my family comes to my neck of the woods, I feel it’s my responsibility to protect them. She then worried that this would upset my sister, who is basically anti-guns. To which I replied that she needn’t know I was wearing it. Then my mother asked,
“So you’re going to wear it everywhere?!” Matter of fact-ly I said,
“That’s how it works.”
**and scene**

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Concealed Carry Woes

CCW App for NC carry lawsI’ve really been trying to do it regularly, but this whole concealed carry thing is f***in hard! Not only is the wearing of my my gun a pain, but following the rules so that none of my actions are criminal, is very, VERY complicated. Even with this knowledge, for the first time this weekend, I am not just taking my firearm across state lines, I intend to carry, and take on the responsibility of protect my family, as we vacation in Asheville, North Carolina. I check my CCW App (that I have previously reviewed) and we’re off!

Driving from Atlanta into NC: No problem. We drive from one state to the other, my pistol is surprisingly comfortably on my hip the entire time. When we get out of the car I have to remember to check that my shirt hasn’t crept up to reveal (my muffin top) and my pistol. Had we driven through South Carolina, I would have had to leave my gun in the car, probably would have made it the trunk, and kept it unloaded. If we’d been staying in South Carolina, I probably would have left it at home altogether. (Leaving a firearm in a rental car or a hotel, really doesn’t sound like a good plan to me.) But North Carolina is accepting of my GA permit so I wear my pistol all the way up.

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Concealed Carry in Places of Worship

photo curtesy of & GettyEvery year, sometime around September, the Jewish High Holidays occur. This time is the holiest part of the Jewish calendar, and many Jews, who would not otherwise take part in any other Jewish activities, appear at synagogue with rest of us. Synagogues hire guards to peek into purses and pockets and to look tough. At the same time, the Mayor of the City of New York spares uniformed police officers to keep close watch on the buildings in which Jews gather.

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Carrying Concealed? There’s an App for that!

Concealed Carry AppThere are many reasons to cross a state line while carrying concealed and if you’ve ever done so, you probably had to muddle through state laws, county laws and federal laws, not to mention the piles of websites that claim to interpret these laws into plain English but were updated last year at best. It’s hard to know who to trust and we law abiding citizens want to make sure we do it right.

So here is my recommendation, go into iTunes and search “Concealed Carry”, the one you want is called “CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State Guide” by Workman Consulting. (If you’re an android user, you will have to translate these instructions for your OS.) The Android app costs $1.49 while on ITunes the app costs $.99 (sorry, it can’t be more expensive for us all the time). The iTunes version works on both the iPhone or iPad, so that’s an added bonus.

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