15 reasons no one takes your opinion about firearms seriously

Have you ever tried to share your opinion about a gun related subject but no one took you seriously? Well, it’s probably because you’re doing something that lowkey lets people know that you don’t know what you’re talking about, like one of these 15 things!

15. You think the Taurus Judge is something more than a ridiculous novelty gun
At this point, jokes about the Taurus Judge are too easy. It’s like the “Your Momma” joke of the gun industry, it requires no effort or forethought, but it’s also de rigueur when you’re writing one of these lists.

14. You have punisher skull logos on ANYTHING
Remember when the Punisher was cool? And he still sort of is, at least the Netflix series was pretty decent. But the Punisher skull logo has been ruined by overweight tactical weeaboos who sit around having fantasies about the breakdown of social order.

Side note: does anyone else think that the punisher skull logos with the blue line for law enforcement are REALLY weird? I am the biggest supporter of LEOs, but I feel like maybe associating yourself with an image that’s supposed to represent vigilante justice isn’t a good idea.

13. You have III% or Threeper patches/stickers on anything
Pretty much the same as the punisher skull, but worse. If you’re not familiar, III%ers are the overweight guys with “Terrorist Hunting Permit” patches, CCW badges, and yet somehow have never seen the inside of a MEPS. Weird.

12. You have a super pimped out Glock with factory sights on it
Can you imagine how dumb someone must be to spend $500 bucks pimping out their Glock and yet they leave the godawful cheapo factory sights on it? I can’t.

11. You carry a .40/.45 because you believe that “stopping power” is real
Here are some real facts for you: handgun bullets all pretty much suck equally at stopping people, which is why we train to shoot threats multiple times. Your .40/45/357 doesn’t produce any better terminal ballistics than a 9mm. Sorry that the truth hurts.

10. You think that competition shooting creates training scars that will get you killed in a gunfight
If you can’t tell the difference between a gunfight and a shooting match you don’t have any business doing either.

9. You think that competition shooting is an acceptable substitute for defensive firearms training
If you can’t tell the difference between a gunfight and a shooting match you don’t have any business doing either.

8. You carry an XD
XDs are trash guns for people who are too hipster to just buy a Glock or M&P.

7. You still shoot using a weaver stance
Weaver is old and busted and hasn’t been relevant in the shooting community in over 20 years. Why are you still clinging to this ancient religion? Jeff Cooper is dead, and if he wasn’t he’d be shooting modern iso.

6. You recommend birdshot for shotguns.
Just because your cousin’s uncle’s brother’s best friend dropped a home invader with a single round of birdshot (which probably didn’t actually happen) doesn’t mean it’s a good choice for home defense. Stop being dumb and use buckshot.

5. You spend time researching over-penetration of defensive rounds instead of practicing
You know what the best way to reduce risks of over-penetration is? HIT WHAT YOU’RE AIMING AT

4. You think lights and lasers on home defense guns are dumb because they’ll give away your position
I am not worried about giving away my position, because DEVGRU isn’t breaking into my house at 2am. I am however worried about shooting someone who doesn’t need to be shot, such as the many tragic cases of people shooting their own family members because PID is for cowards, I guess. Get a fuckin’ light on your gun.

3. You think the SERPA is a good holster
How many people need to shoot themselves with a SERPA before all its defenders realize that any design that requires you to push a button with your trigger finger is fuckin’ dumb?

2. You think AIWB is dangerous
You know…I bet if you made a Venn Diagram of people who think the SERPA is acceptable and people who think that AIWB is dangerous, it’d be a perfect circle. A perfect circle made out of idiots.

1. You write for The Truth about Guns
The greatest regret of my professional career is that I ever did anything to further the growth and expansion of the dumpster fire that is TTAG.


  1. I will unsubscribe now… You have to add one more to your list, the “know it all” loudmouth that thinks his way is the only way…

    Cooper would eat your lunch, kid….

      1. Dans just mad cause he is the embodiment of this post. He probably has a punisher skull on his Judge in a threeper holster carrying birdshot with an XD he used to carry but he wanted the stopping power of the shotgun

        1. no, completely wrong… this is just another slam towards the “if you dont like what I like, you are an ass” fodder… some folks think their way is the only way… you can slam me all you want, I don’t give a feck… people just show their ass, when they put on blinders and think they have the only answer….
          I used to think this site had some worthwhile info, and i followed it, but my experiences and time in the shooting sports reveal it to be severely lacking…. i am tired of trash talk, and non constructive writings….

          1. Please tell me all about your “time in the shooting sports.” I’d be delighted to hear what another C-class shooter has to tell me.

      2. >> Jeff Cooper is dead, and if he wasn’t he’d be shooting modern iso.

        Turns out this is true.

        “It hardly matters whether you use the Weaver Stance or the Isosceles with both arms straight as long as you get hits and those hits should be delivered with a major-powered sidearm under controlled conditions. The argument is silly, and I wish it would go away.”

        – Jeff Cooper
        “Cooper’s Corner”, Guns & Ammo November 2005

  2. Agree with most of your assertions. The only one that gives away your points as opinions, rather than validated facts, is the dismissal of the XDs 9mm as a competitive alternative to the Glock Fanboy Club. On many points, the XDs makes a Glock resemble a toy gun made from a plastic block. Just my opinion.

    1. HAHAHAH. Ive seen more XDs fail beyond repair in competition than any other handgun. In fact I used to think it was good when I started. Then I chipped an extractor with only 5k rounds in the gun. Springfield kept the fucking gun for 6 weeks. I had to threaten a law suit to get it back. In the interim I borrowed a glock. and chipped an extractor guy reached in his bag an pulled out a spare. swapped it and I didn’t miss my spot in the rotation. When I finally got my xd back I sold it a week later.

    2. The facts disagree with your opinion. Aaron Cowan has seen 20 out of 26 XD’s fail catastrophically in his classes over the two years he’s been tracking failures. Compare that to 6 catastrophic failures out of many hundreds of Glocks

  3. Actually, Gentlemen, I carry a Ruger SP-101 .357mag, 2.25in spurred, 99% of the time, rather than a super-plastic 9mm. I can draw, aim/point and shoot faster and more accurately than any pistol I’ve tried. Probably because I grew up shooting them. I have put approximately 800 rounds through the XDs 9mm without a hiccup right out the box. Tried a Kahr CM9 too, no problems after 50 break in rounds. Nice all around pistols, both of them. The main reason I carry my revolver is the reliability factor. Argue all you want, but that is an undeniable fact. Also, the SP-101 is all purpose for me. Can carry for self defense, in urban and rural areas with .38sp+P or .357mag, and woods carry with.357mag in case of a four legged predator too, with confidence. The Glock’s grip angle is off for ME, and the fanboys are nauseating at times. I overcame the capacity issue with hours and hours of reloading practice. I’m no Jerry M., but I can reload the SP-101 as fast or faster than most can reload their pistols. Anyway, to each their own. Be safe.

    1. I guarantee that you cannot reload a revolver as fast or faster than a semi-automatic pistol.

      But what do I know, it’s not like I was a top 5 revolver shooter at IDPA Nats a whole bunch of times. Oh wait…

    2. I got a dollar that says my 10 year old can fire 18 accurate rounds faster from a Glock than you can from your Ruger. It doesn’t matter how quickly you can reload, not having to reload will always be faster.

      And anyone who says “Revolvers are more reliable!” has probably never actually taken a revolver apart. There are many, MANY more moving parts in a revolver than in any modern semi-automatic pistol. Hell, Glocks are so stupid simple that you can build one in your garage, from an 80% receiver, in about 2 hours.

  4. “Get a fuckin’ light on your gun”

    … Carry a light, yes. On your gun, ehhhh…..

    The number of times you have something bad enough to point a light at, but not bad enough to point a gun at is overwhelmingly high. On the shooting side of things, lights go easily in eyes, bullets go easily in center mass.

    I have a lot of low light training. I carry a hand light and prefer it to a handgun light. I also own handgun lights, but if a guy isn’t going to get training I’d say just the hand light.

    1. He was talking about having a light on your house gun – not on everything you own.

  5. Anybody who assumes everyone is on the same page and uses multiple alphabet abbreviations has lost touch with the people they are trying to reach.

    1. Honestly, if someone doesn’t know what DEVGRU and AIWB mean I don’t want them as readers anyway.

      1. Every comment you’ve made in this thread screams “asshole.” Is that a temporary thing for this thread, or does it extend throughout the entire blog? This is the first thread I’ve read here, so I’m just curious.

        1. I don’t really expect people in the comments section of an obvious troll post to be engaging in good faith, so I reply accordingly. I respond differently on serious posts.

    1. They have a long history of generally being garbage, whether it’s stealing other blog’s content or outright lying.

  6. Missed the “proud sheepdogs.” They ride the short bus with the 3%ers.

  7. While I do agree with most of the points, like 3%ers, and Infidels, and Molon Labe… and the Judge…

    Other opinions just sound arrogant, and your responses to people’s comments come off as an egotistical ass.

    In the end you’re not any different than the jackasses that think the 45 is a manstopper, because you narrowmindedly think your way is the only way too.

    …. have you ever been inside a meps?

    1. “Have you ever been inside a meps”

      This white Common Access Card in my wallet that says “Staff Sergeant” says that yeah, I probably have been inside a MEPS.

      1. Being a desk jockey in supply sure does verify your expertise. Try being in Special Ops with a Combat Support Unit. Might give you more credibility.

          1. If you think you know what units I served in while in the USAF, you really are delusional.

          2. Well, you were a Ground Power dude back in ‘Nam, at least that’s what you’ve said elsewhere. And I know for a fact that USAF didn’t even have its own Special Operations Command until 1983, which was well after the end of Vietnam. I also know that Ground Power guys weren’t combat troops, so don’t try to pretend you have some kind of badass operator history. There’s nothing wrong with fixing ground equipment, that’s a good job that keeps planes in the air, but when it comes to tactical/CQB/combat training and experience, you’re way out of your depth here.

          3. “Some” of your comments are spot on. However, I never indicated I was a “bad ass” special ops and was
            involved in ground combat like many other brave men and women, unless you consider dodging mortar shells and sniper fire “combat”. I said I was a member of a “Combat Support Squadron” based in Naha AB, Okinawa with TDY support to Da Nang. At Naha, we provided support to the transport C-130’s, Flare Droppers,and Spectre Gunships that flew Special Ops flights in Vietnam. I was a member of the “Blind Bat “ Special Ops Support Team 1969-70 (374th and 314th Squadron ) that dropped “flares” to light up the HCM Trail for night time fighter strikes. At that time they were classified Special Ops missions.All of my boxing (was
            on Naha AB Boxing Team) and CQC skills have been learned on my own since age 6 (Police Youth League) and beyond. I hope that clears up your confused assumptions. Last post from me, I’ve had enough, and this “old geezer” needs a nap.

          4. So the short version is that you have no meaningful combat experience, or CQB/tactical training.


          5. As per “tachticool” definition, where pretending is the game with other posers ,probably not. But in real life, I gained a lot of hands on “experience”( definitely not pretend) in many places all over the world-in a ring, mostly not- during my lifetime. Sorry, but I forgot you are the guru and interpreter for everything. Therefore,’ I will retreat to my new recliner and read a good book while I have a cup of spiked coffee and a dip of Skoal. Be safe.

          6. What a delightful fantasy life you must lead.

            An amateur boxer, never good enough to do anything about it, 4 years in the military without any combat experience, and never fired a shot in anger.

            But oh yeah, I’m the poser. Whatever you say, old man. I hope you enjoy slowly slipping into delirium, although from the looks of the things, your delusions already have the better of you.

          7. Looks like little Caleb doesn’t like called out , always trying to degrade anything that his narcissistic ass hasn’t done or knows anything about. What in your delusional mind made you think that I wanted to go further with boxing. I enjoyed it as a sport, just like you like figure skating. Also,I enjoyed beating hot shot twits like you more. I am proud and satisfied with my time in the AF. You never mention what you did,
            or even if you went active. I can only assume (you’re familiar with that practice) you were a FANG. I hope you’re enjoying your elitist, pseudo intelligent, polemic , pathetic life. It’s a long way down when you are exposed as the poser you are. I would continue bringing you down, but by other sensible comments being posted, you’re doing a amazing job all by yourself. Definitely off this loser site.

            Caleb’s note: right before this comment was posted I got a bunch of comments from clearly fake email addresses calling me all kinds of things, include homophobic and racist slurs, which by matter of policy I don’t allow. They all resolved to the same IP address as William here, but since they had fake email addresses, I deleted them per our comment policy. I have to say though, I’m having a lot of fun watching Willy here have a psychotic breakdown in my comments section.

            Oh also Willy, you’re banned for using racial and homophobic slurs with a fake email account.

  8. Caleb. I was a big follower of your site , from the beginning. However, your nonchalant, arrogant, and cavalier attitude is now a dealbreakiing disappointment. Your “all knowing, I’m an expert” self absorption is repulsive. Your patronizing answers, especially to the naive or new shooters, is beyond belief. Got news for you, there are sites that make your ‘s look primitive in nature and sharing validated info (actually substantiated and contrary to your self appointed expert) that proves your views wrong and shows your immature approach to dissent. I know your response to this will be,
    “What are these sites” and “who is their expert”? I’ll let you do some due diligence and fiqure them out yourself. BTW, there is no thing as an “expert”, just more experienced. Just share your experiences, don’t preach your opinion as the absolute. Thanks for most of your blog ‘s content, I gleaned quite a lot, but I think I will spend more time on sites that aren’t as
    Condescending. I know, so what if I leave, don’t need me anyway. Same here.

    1. Back when I had the second biggest gun blog on the planet, I probably would have cared. This shit stopped being fun for quite some time, so I quit doing it.

      It’s fun again, so I reckon I’ll keep writing as long as I keep enjoying it. You can go back to riding Nutnfancy’s dick or whomever it is you think is so great.

      1. Wow. You’re on your way by finding NFancy site and learning something. Your reference to his dick tells me of your intimacy with it. Piss off, Pal, from another SSgt and VVet. Off to a reputable site.

        1. If you think Nutnfancy is knowledgeable, then I am quite comfortable saying that I have lost nothing of value by losing your readership.

          1. I like to wear pretty pink dresses when I talk shit on the internet.

  9. If I ever get a chance to meet you in person you little coward,’I will stuff your pink tutu down your throat. Chickenshit computer commando.

    1. Hahahahahahahaha well you’re more than welcome to try, old man. I live in Miami, and I publish my match and class schedule right here.

      Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is, or do you just make threats on the internet while crossdressing?

      1. If I am down that way, you can count on it. You are a little, small man and talk like a little girl in your videos, couldn’t beat your way out of a paper bag. Older than you, sure. More experienced, definitely,’and I haven’t forgotten anything about CQC and my boxing life and experiences. If you ever venture this way, just post it, this old man will be glad to oblige. Not a. threat, little guy, it’s a promise. You talk real big on the internet, who knows, you might get your wish piss ant. Situational awareness is a
        recommendation for you.

        1. I just thought of something, one of my Daughters lives in Key Largo,
          and deserves a visit soon. Please post your whereabouts for the next couple of months, it’ll make it easier to find you. Hahahahaha.

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