The Gun Nuts Handgun Evaluation Protocol

As I wrap up a year of testing 1911s and get back to testing all manner of guns, I realized I needed a replacement for the 10-8 Performance 1911 Test. The 10-8 Performance Test is designed to test the extraction and primary function of the 1911 to ensure it’s suitable for duty. I was specifically cautioned by the dudes at 10-8 that it wasn’t for modern semi-autos, so I wanted to come up with my own protocol for “modern” defensive pistols. I debuted the test today in this video about the new PX4 Storm Compact Carry:

All handguns will be run through our 2,000 round evaluation, and the scoring system remains pretty simple. -1 point for any failure to complete the cycle of operations, -5 points for any little issues that need to be fixed at the armorer level, -50 points for a parts breakage before 2,000 rounds, and -10 points for failing the Gun Nuts Evaluation Test. The G-NET is a 50 round course of fire, as detailed in the video, that tests the handgun’s reliability for CCW, competition, or duty. The strings of fire are:

  • 10 rounds slow fire
  • 10 rounds rapid fire
  • 5 rounds strong hand only
  • 5 rounds weak hand only
  • 10 rounds, two handed limp-wristed grip
  • 10 rounds, 1r1 (5 reps)

If the gun experiences any failures to complete its normal cycle of operations during the test, it has failed the test in its entirety and will have 10 points deduced from its overall score.


  1. Hi Caleb,
    I enjoyed your top five guns for conceiled carry and also your review of the PX4 Compact Carry. I have a question for you. Where would the PX4 fit on your list (would it make the list). I am new to conceiled carry and not entirely comfortable with carrying a round in the chamber of a striker fired gun (I own a P320 compact currently). I am aware of your stance on this and agree with you. Thanks! Ken

  2. Hey Caleb,

    I just bought the Compact Carry an I’m having a hard time finding holsters. What are you using in your videos? Looking for both OWB and AIWB Kydex options. Thanks in advance.

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