1. I agree completely when you say that no one will pay attention. I am a fat boy and it is hard to find clothes that will allow me to carry comfortably without printing. I have set across from police, teachers, preachers, and family members and no one ever notices. I will not put NRA stickers on my vehicles but I do wear some firearm related clothing. I have never seen anyone pay the slightest attention. As you said people are oblivious. A suggestion for a video would be to help fat people find ways to conceal.

  2. Good video C. Yea, I really try and not sweat printing. But it’s definitely there. I’m not sure that bug in the back of your brain ever goes away.

  3. I agree that printing isn’t a big deal. Although I’ve tried to avoid it in the past I have quit paying attention to it. Open carry is legal here in Alabama now and so it’s not really an issue. But I’ve noticed guys carrying concealed over the years and in some cases their cover garment wasn’t long enough to cover the holster. Observing the reactions of others who clearly noticed it also, well, there was no reaction. So I’ve concluded folks aren’t concerned. I carry openly as well (only with my Sig in a Safariland ALS holster) and the only real notice I’ve picked up on was an out of state vacationer who stopped in at our local Walmart and happened to park next to me. She did a double take when I waited for her to get into her car, next to mine.

  4. You’re mostly right, but you know who will notice? Shitheads. They all carry AIWB, and they look for it. (When you read in the paper that some youth “shot himself in the leg,’ that’s why. The coppers you passed may or may not have noticed, but since you look less like a gangbanger than my sainted mother does, they wouldn’t have cared even if they did notice. But Pookie and T-Dawg, when they’re looking for someone to rob or f— up, will always look in your AIWB zone, because that’s where they carry theirs.
    Whether that’s good or bad is for you to decide.

      1. Hey, I can’t help it if I’m eye candy. Jealous?
        (Kidding, of course. Just making the point that there are three subcultures–cops, crooks, and regular people– and they all look for different things. Just because your buddies don’t see or care if you’re printing, that doesn’t mean you should ignore it.)

          1. I thought you were. That’s why my answer was in the same vein.
            (I put the last part in in case you weren’t. I don’t know you, of course, and it constantly amazes me how easy it is to insult or offend people without meaning to.)

  5. If you’re carrying legally, who cares if it ‘prints’? “Gun people” might notice but Theyre not the problem, and the ‘Trayvon Martins’ of this world are too wrapped-up in their own racial-grievance B.S. to notice.

    And if you live in a state where it’s legal to carry concealed but ‘illegal’ to print – well, that’s your fault. Time to move to America.

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