Kimber Pro Carry II 9mm at 2,000 rounds

Here it is, the 2,000th round through the Kimber Pro Carry II in 9mm. I’ll do the full review later, but here’s the final score for the short attention span folks.

  • Rounds fired: 2,012
  • Failures: 5
  • 10-8 Performance Test: Failed, but passed on re-test after break in period

Points Deducted: -5 points for 5 failures, -10 points for failing the 10-8 Test, +5 points back for passing the 10-8 Test on the retest.

Final Score: 90/100


  1. There seems to be a lot of excitement around the new Colt Competition 9mm 1911 pistol. Any plans to do one of your 2000 round tests on that model?

  2. Your test is bogus.To be legitimate you would have had to put 500 rounds thru the gun before beginning the test.The worst part is ‘You knew that’ and brushed it off.
    Your math doesn’t even add up -10 points for failing then for passing on retest only 5 points? W T F is that? The first test was before the 500 round break-in ,in fact your first 10-8 test proves my point and the second 10-8 test score and reason for the low score proves you have a predigest toward the gun and or manufacturer or your mind was not working right during your test.
    Knowing that the Manufacturer has a warning that it will take 500 rounds to work out the bugs and ignoring that fact is nothing short of dishonorable (especially after shooting 500 rounds and admitting the manufacturer was right ).
    Your Honor and Trustworthiness is on the bottom of the bucket on this one Caleb AKA Cheapshot!

    1. Bang! Zow! Whock-a! Whock-a! Mando-500 round break-in period, Caleb……whuts-da-foocks up?!?!?11?!?
      S’all in the rule book, bro. Read it & reap….

  3. These are the best serial evaluations of 9mm 1911s that I’ve ever been made aware of.

    Looking forward to more guns, more great videos and more thoughtful insights, in the tradition of the Gun Nuts website.


    1. Thanks! It’s certainly been fun doing all the testing, as well as getting a lot more trigger time than I have in the past.

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