Kimber Pro Carry II Update: 1,800 rounds and counting

Since I last posted an update, I did manage to fire an additional few hundred rounds through the Kimber Pro Carry II in 9mm.

Kimber Pro Carry II stainless with CTC laser

I didn’t get video of these range trips because I’ve been on a bit of a time crunch lately; however the gun now sits at 1,800 rounds fired. There were no additional failures of any type during the last three range sessions, putting the gun at 5 failures for the duration of the test.

I’m actually planning on getting to the range today to burn off the final 200 rounds in the test. One of the things about the gun that’s been very interesting to me is how differently it’s performed since it passed the 500 round mark. Before that I would have said it wasn’t very reliable at all, since then in the last 1,300 rounds it’s had exactly one failure to function. Strange? Yes. Making me reconsider my thoughts on “break in periods?” Possibly.


    1. That would be a nice one for sure! But I still have the .357 Sig I need to finish and the Dan Wesson when it gets back from NRA.

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