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Sometimes I like to go through the incoming search terms that have brought people to the blog and wonder “how in the hell did that get them there?” Other times, I like to find questions and answer them. This is the latter, so I’m going to cherry pick a few search terms and hopefully answer them. If you’re the person who searched the blog for “plus size women’s concealed carry clothes that won’t print” you’re probably going to be disappointed, but for the other people? This should be fun.

Chris Costa Delta Force
No, Chris Costa was not in Delta Force, and I’m pretty sure he’d be surprised to find out people think that, since to my knowledge he’s never even suggested such. Chris is a former member of the US Coast Guard, where he served in a Port Security Unit and a TACLET, doing counter-terror and drug ops all over the world. People make fun of the Coast Guard a lot, but in terms of LE operations, they’re one of the leading agencies in the nation, and one that gets into a lot of interesting situations.

does steel cased ammo damage your gun
If you’re shooting a pistol? No, absolutely not. In 2012 we ran an exhaustive test using steel cased ammo and a Glock 21, the end result was that the steel cased ammo did not damage the gun in any way. There were some interesting effects involving magazines and failures to feed, but no actual damage to the gun. Simply put, pistol ammo doesn’t operate at high enough pressures for it to make a difference. Rifle ammo? Different story.

1911 police trade ins

5.5 lbs trigger pull is equal to
2.49 kilograms, 24.46 Newtons, 88 ounces, or 0.00275 tons.

is a laser sight on a j frame really helpful?
Do you like hitting what you’re aiming at? Then yeah, yeah it really is. The problem with a lot of j-frames is that when you combine the sights, which are usually pretty terrible, with the heavy trigger pull, you create a gun that’s really hard to shoot well. Adding a laser eliminates the need to use the difficult sights, and makes the gun a lot easier to shoot well.

are revolvers more accurate than semi-auto pistols
Inherently? Yes, generally speaking a quality revolver from a reputable maker will be more mechanically accurate than a similar quality semi-automatic pistol. This is due to the revolver’s fixed barrel not moving during the firing process, unlike a semi-auto pistol where the barrel does move. Of course, this requires the revolver to be properly made, with a correctly cut forcing cone and proper timing. A poorly made revolver is frequently terribly inaccurate.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this trip through our search terms! Tune in next time for a trip into the hate mail bag!


  1. What if I don’t want to buy a quality gun? Can’t I just get a Hi-Point and be ok for zombies?

    1. A high-point is better then harsh language. Personally though- if I were broke, I’d get a Stevens 320 for Home defense and a kel-tec (forgive me) or an SCCY for concealed carry. All of which can be found for marginally more then the high-point.

      For the record, I carry a pre-80 series colt combat commander. Because invest in your life, Get a colt .45. (Or practically any modern gun. I really typically suggest midsized double stack 9mm’s. Like *shudder* Glock 19’s, CZ P-07’s and CZ75’s ‘compact’ pistols. )

  2. The thing that bugs me about the Chris Costa hate is that in the mid to late 90s he was probably seeing a lot shit. The Coast Guard was in full press against the drug trade. Meanwhile at the Naval Academy I had a friend who wanted to be a Marine because he wanted to see some action. Given the circumstances at the time I actually said “dude, you should have joined the Coast Guard.” You can’t predict the future and I don’t know if he joined the Coast Guard because it was the highest chance to get in a firefight, but at that time it really was. It isn’t his fault that by the time he was getting more famous with Magpul a bunch of people were getting combat experience from OIF and OEF. It also doesn’t mean that he is a bad instructor or anything. Not that I have personal experience, but the random internet hate simply because he was in the Coast Guard is annoying.

  3. You should see all the different things ranks for. It’s even more hilarious than 1911 police gun trade in’s.

    magazines like nuts – spot 26ish in Google.

    black & decker staple gun – spot 56ish in Google.

    seal adoption – spot 97ish in Google (hahahah)

    whitehouse official website – spot 60ish in Google.

    One part of doing SEO I love is looking a blog’s I read daily and seeing some of the funny stuff that comes up. Anyway, Gun Nuts kills it online. Great content. Great stuff. Keep up the awesome work!!!

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