Kimber Pro Carry II 9mm: Dot Torture

One of the things I really like about the Pro Carry II is how accurate it is, especially for a smaller gun. This long video is me shooting a 49/50 on Dot Torture with it, putting the pistol through its paces for accuracy.

Right now the Kimber is at 650 rounds, and in an interesting twist the last session was completely malfunction free. It was also the first session where the bulk of the rounds fired occurred after the gun’s recommended 500 round break in period. What does that mean? I’m not honestly sure, but I am going to re-test it on the 10-8 Performance Test as a result.

The Pro Carry II is an excellent carry gun, that’s a fact. Short barreled aluminum framed 1911s are awesome to carry and the Kimber is no exception. I do wonder why they put black sights on a carry gun, but I often wonder about decisions manufacturers make along those lines.

I’m planning a long range session tomorrow that should get the Kimber over the 1,000 round mark, including a run through the notorious 100 round challenge, which if you’ll remember caused an epic malfunction in the Springfield Range Officer. I’m interested to see how the Kimber performs!

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  1. Caleb,
    Any chance you can put an Springfield EMP through one of these 2000 round reviews?

    I’ve always been intrigued by this little guy and see you had positive things to say about it in a Photo of the Day post a couple years ago. I haven’t seen anyone do a hi round count test on one. Is it 1911 enough to qualify for this category?

    David S

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