Steve Fisher discusses MRDS on handguns

If you have a few minutes to kill, I strongly recommend watching this video with Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts discussion red dot sights on handguns. Steve has been using MRDS for some time now on his guns and has real insight into using them on defensive pistols.


  1. Interesting, but didn’t cover some points:

    Any slide-mounted optic is changing the mass of the slide, and the smaller the handgun, the bigger the relative change. Do these things ever affect function? Might it be more or less of a problem on a blowback action? Anyway, test, test, test.

    An optic is going to make concealment more challenging. Any tips?

    An optic that is dust-cover rail-mounted needs a whole new holster. Does anyone make them yet?

    They did finally mention one key point right at the end – in addition to eliminating the need to align a rear sight with a front sight, an optic means your sight is in the focal plane of the problem (perp or target). Not only does this reduce eyework for everyone, it could be crucial to those over 41½ years old, which was probably not these guys. Presbyopia sets in, and iron sights become a real issue.

    1. If you’re using an RMR, they only weigh about 1.2 ounces. And if you get your slide milled, the total weight addition is effectively zero.

    2. I didn’t address the weight issue because there is none
      Ha nh used them all he way down too a shod size gun so far

      Concealment. No issue your grip sticks ou more than the top of slide

      Ahhhh dust cover rail mounted? Lol

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