New from Troy Industries: GAU-5/A/A reproduction carbine

Still talking about products from SHOT Show 2016, today we have the new limited edition carbine from Troy Industries, the GAU-5/A/A. That designation stands for “Gun, Aircraft, Unit” – that odd designation indicates this gun is the Air Force version of the XM117E2 Commando Carbine. What makes this significant is that Troy is offering this limited edition to commemorate the 45th Anniversary of the Son Tay Commando Raid, also known as Operation Ivory Coast. The Son Tay raid was a large scale commando operation during the Vietnam war that inserted over 50 Green Berets deep into enemy territory with the goal of extracting US POWs. Unfortunately, the POWs had been moved before the raid; however the raid itself was a tactical success. The commandos successfully inserted, raided and searched the compound, killed quite a few of the enemy, and then extracted with no loss of US lives.

The GAU-5/A/A was the rifle they used, and now Troy is offering a faithful reproduction that you can pre-order today from My Service Rifle.

The TROY GAU-5/A/A is the most authentic, fully functional military carbine replica ever produced. These 5.56MM semi automatics, are manufactured to exact military specifications. The flash suppressor and grenade ring are permanently mounted to the chrome lined 1/12 twist barrel (OAL 16”). The replica US Gov’t markings on the side of the receiver combined with the conspicuous placement of Troy’s markings on the bottom of the receiver make this firearm nearly indistinguishable from the actual military issue GAU.

Here’s the thing I really like about this rifle. Yes, it’s an awesome reproduction/collector’s item, but at 1200 it’s also a quality, compact carbine that you could use for serious work if needs be. Sure it’d be hard to mount a light on it, but other than that? Compact OAL, lightweight, built like a tank? Sounds like a pretty solid working gun to me.


  1. Historical value I suppose, but that’s the absolute last way I’d set up a carbine 🙂

  2. I remember the Son Tay Raid and the weapons used. The raiders used a first generation “Occluded Eye Gunsight” on the GAU 5As. Armson offered these on the commercial market–keep both eyes open and mount the gun to the shoulder–a red dot appears on target. At the time it was a fast CQB gunsight. Of course there are better options available today.

    I’m a retired USAF Security Forces (back then it was Security Police) The GAU5A was the weapon mostly carried by SP Officers and Flight Chiefs. It was also the issue weapon for K9 troops. Everyone else had first generation M16’s — the lightweight ones– only 6.6 pounds. During the Gulf War as a Flight Chief I was issued a GAU5A and it served me well. Happy to see that Troy Industries is offering one– I’m placing an order.

  3. Recently built a rifle pretty similar to this, from parts laying around…though the model replicated was the XM177E2/ Model 629, w/ forward assist.

    It makes for a slick, fast-handling little package…and if you are any good at shooting, you can shoot it well.

    The Troy GAU-replica is a neat idea, and given the rarity of original slick-side uppers, flash-hiders, and metal stocks, not a bad price, if you want something historical, but shootable.

  4. My wife’s grandfather (no longer with us, alas) was an aircrewman on the Son Tay raid. I may have to get one if these if the price is right. She’d enjoy shooting it.

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