Nighthawk Custom Guns Hi-Power

Nighthawk Hi-Power

So. Nighthawk is making a Hi-Power. It’s $2,900 it looks amazing, and I need one. I don’t really have any insightful commentary on this because 1) I love BHPs, and 2) every Nighthawk I’ve ever played with has been friggin’ awesome. Do want. Want a lot.

Nighthawk Custom Guns Hi-Power


  1. Hope they’ll make one in .40S&W as well. Regret selling the one I had and was disappointed that Browning stopped making them. Recently have come to like .357SIG as well which be ideal with just a barrel change.

  2. I loved my BHP, but the thumb safety was too small, too flat, and too hard to manipulate. That’s one of the reasons I got rid of it.
    This one looks the same.
    That’s my excuse for not spending three grand on a pistol.

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