Gun Nuts Articles for 2016

I haven’t posted in a while and it wasn’t because I was sick, dead or suddenly turned liberal. No, the simple fact was my trial period had expired and Caleb was deciding if I was worthy of keeping or if I was to be publicly flailed. Obviously I got a stay of flailing – for now.

With that in mind I wanted to lay out some article goals for 2016. A brain storm of what you can expect from me in the next year. This will help you hit the ignore button sooner, if you so desire.


Dry fire – There I said it! I promote dry fire. In fact, the more friends and co-worker discover I deep into firearms, the more request I get for advice on guns, gear, and shooting better. Whether competition or self-defense my most common answer is dry fire. That is normally received with confusion until I explain what I mean. I foresee a multitude of articles that elaborate on this subject.

If turn the tables on a common liberal thought – if dry fire articles help just one person perform better in a self-defense situation, then it is worth it.

Usable Skills and Drills – There are scores upon scores of live fire and dry fire drills out there in the shooting world. Virtually all of them are fun, but only a small percentage really supercharges your skill building. During the past year I have discovered a few that work and a great many that waste ammo. I plan to do more this year, so those that are serious about getting better can separate the pepper from the fly shit. Those drills that are deemed less than effective can be tucked away for fun, less formal, range sessions with friends.

Light Use – Is light reflection really an issue at 3:30am? Does it matter they type of light, i.e.: incandescent, LED, lantern, Bic lighter? I don’t know and I have yet to see an article written evaluating it from that view point. Let’s set a test light by the bedside table, set an alarm and find out. Is it worth carrying a weapon mounted light if you CCW? I don’t know, many trainers say we should, but what do the crime stats tell us?

Long Term Reviews – I have a few items that I can review after owning and using them for years. Some are good and some are mediocre.

Gear Reviews and Mods – Some gear is greatness when bought whereas some is only serviceable; but some of that serviceable gear could be great with a few mods. My friends and co-workers have accused me of modifying everything and leaving nothing stock. Guilty as charged. If I know of an improvement or a decent hack I’ll share it here, but only if I have verified it first.

Gearhead Tech? – Maybe… I love hot rods and engine performance, and while I won’t whip anyone with articles about hot rods, there are certain areas of engine and mechanical knowledge the lay person can use – mechanical knowledge that could be useful when you are evaluating a car for purchase, or taking it in for repair. Being able to tell if the mechanic is feeding you a line of shit is a handy skill to have. Don’t expect more than a one or maybe two of these articles as this is a gun blog, but they are skills that increase your overall preparedness in life and frankly the money saved on car repairs can be used for guns.

Until next time – stay safe.


  1. FWIW…

    “suddenly turned liberal”

    Things like this aren’t doing anyone any favors. Stop it.

    If you wholly identify with one party, you’re either a conformist, or you’re an idiot. If the “other party” has not a single tenant that you can agree with, you are the problem with politics in the USA. No decent human being is entirely one side or the other. There is nothing wrong with being a moderate, there is a lot wrong with being a hardline who will immediately dismiss someone based on their ideas, we usually call that person a bigot – oh – unless we agree with what they’re saying right?

    That said… There are liberal gun owners – please don’t go out of your way to alienate people from an issue we all care about that SHOULD NOT BE A POLITICAL ONE.

    1. I thought we were leaving the hyper-sensitive, overly offended whining in 2015?

      1. No one is offended here, just pointing out how ridiculous it is to try push off people that long term your cause needs.

        1. My first response was too long. Short version: I don’t suffer fools, whiners or those that support the politicians that would shackle me in chains, either physically or with even more red tape.

          1. Wtf?

            Who is talking about politicians shackling you?

            You really don’t get that by making 2A a political issue by using exclusionary statements that you are only hurting your own cause?

            You should be able to argue 2A on its own merits and not toss out would-be supporters because your own personal world view is narrow.

          2. Anyone that is truly offended by my initial liberal joke in the post needs to grow up. Oh, and shackles… that is what is called a metaphor. Look around at what the anti-gun liberals are trying to shove down our throats… metaphorical shackles.

            Good day to you.

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