Taurus PT1911 Torture Test Part 4: Reload practice and other drills

In part four of the torture test, I simply had a straightforward training session. I shot 48/50 on Dot Torture at 5 yards, I worked on draws to a 3×5 card at 7 yards, and I worked on reloads with 4 shots at 7 yards. I captured the end of the reload training on camera as seen above.

Currently, the gun stands at 1270 rounds with five failures that are counted against it. It has been lubed once at the start of the test, and it yesterday’s range session I noticed that the slide was starting to get sluggish when I’d send it back into battery. That’s something that can be easily fixed with the application of some lube.

After a considerable amount of thought, I decided to not attempt to retension the extractor, because while the gun’s ejection pattern is erratic and it did fail the 10-8 Test, it also is still works correctly when operating under normal parameters (magazine in, firm grip, etc). The issue with magazines dropping free is problematic, but as you can see in the video, when I depress the magazine release with exactly the right amount of pressure (not too much, not too little) they fall free just fine. The fix for this issue likely involves either replacing the mag catch entirely, or modifying it so that the factory catch doesn’t contact the magazines during operation.

As of right now, the gun is running generally fine. My next practice session I plan on putting 230 rounds through it to bring the total to a clean 1500; once I reach 1500 I have a plan for the next 500 rounds that will really put the “torture” in torture test.

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  1. I’m sure why you haven’t baked it in a pie. The internet told me that’s how you torture a gun.

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