Smith & Wesson M&P9 – 10-8 Performance Function Test

After getting some feedback from viewers/readers on the PT1911 going through the 10-8 Function Test, I wanted to show how a modern service pistol performs on the same evaluation. So I ran my carry gun through the same evaluation, which is passed with flying colors.

The point of this is to point out that the test isn’t biased in any way to make guns fail. I’ve had Colt 1911s that have passed it, and I’ve had other guns that have failed it. The point of the test is primarily to evaluate how you gun will function under specific adverse conditions. Most telling are how your gun functions when you “limp wrist” it; I’m weird in that I believe that a gun I’m going to bet my life on should function even if I don’t have the most perfect grip ever. Sometimes things go topsy turvey in self-defense situations, and I want my gun to function reliably if my hands are slippery, or for whatever reason I can’t get a perfect master grip.


  1. Complete newb here. I know next to nothing of the lingo.

    What is a 10-8 function test? What does it entail?

    1. It’s a series of live fire function tests designed to evaluate the function of a 1911’s extraction/feeding system.

  2. Caleb,
    Does your M&P co-witness with the red dot? I am trying to adjust to my M&P with a Burriss FF III and am having a tough time sighting without the front sight. Very slow to pick up the dot. Just curious.

    Thanks for the great videos!

      1. Would you reveal the type, and source. I will accept a P.M. if your site would not allow it. I am considering calling Dawson Precision, yet again.

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