Taurus PT1911 Torture Test Part 3

This installment of the PT1911 torture test has me putting another 264 rounds through the gun, bringing the total to 1,070. There were no more failures to extract, and magazines dropped free pretty easily. The only two issues encountered during this session were two failures to fire, light primer hits on Fiocchi 124gr FMJ. I’m not going to count those against the gun, as Fiocchi is known for having hard primers. One of the light primer hits is captured on the video.

I wanted to shoot a video that demonstrates one of the things I genuinely like about the Taurus – how easy it is to shoot well. I did a serious of 5 shot strings shooting strong hand and weak hand only, and I only started dropping rounds out of the down zero when I pushed the target to 15 yards WHO. This gun is astonishingly easy to shoot well, and as I get more practice and trigger time with it, my ability to run it to its ragged performance edge is only going to improve.

Up next, I’m going to detail strip the slide and attempt to re-tension the extractor. I’m not going to detail strip the frame, because the gun’s a Series 80, and I don’t really want to fiddle around with Series 80s guts unless something breaks, you know? In the vein of my extremely popular Ruger GP100 trigger job video, I will get the detail strip on tape and post to youtube on Monday.


  1. Series 80 takes a little more time to tinker together, that is true. I had a Colt stainless enhanced .45 that went back together well.

    Good job taking on the 9mm 1911.

  2. And another thing: Great indoor range episode.

    No voice over

    Authentic, safe procedure

    I wish you would have examined the target because from what I saw in the upper left corner it would have been praiseworthy.

    Good camaraderie with next door.

    May you get clicks in volume

  3. From your Taurus PT1911 Torture Test Part 2.5; ” [The PT1911 is] easy to shoot well…simply because the gun has no recoil”. Well, I see A HELL OF A LOT of recoil here in Part 3…

    1. That’s because I’m shooting slow-fire strong/weak hand only in those first strings, I’m not even trying to control the recoil. Just letting the gun do what it wants.

  4. “gonna retention the extractor” — one of the things I read (Interwebz gunboard hearsay, YMMV) is that the Taurus 1911’s extractor is non-standard. Do let us know if that’s the case.

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