Dawson Precision = Amazing Customer Support and a Custom Shield Rear Sight

If you are a serious shooter you probably already know who Dawson Precision is; but if you don’t, you should.  Below are two fine examples of why I recommend them first, and no, they do not sponsor me.  Each time I have bought their products it has been with my own money,  and been impressed time and time again.  They have earned by business the old fashion way – Quality and Service.

Testing the Perfect Impact Promise

My first experience with Dawson Precision was with my XD Tactical.  I had installed the Dawson Precision sight set and quickly found the sights were off.  The XD was shooting 2.5 inches low at 10 yards.  I called and spoke to them about their Perfect Impact Promise and they helped me pick the correct front sight and immediately shipped it out, free of charge. This was 6 months after ordering the sights (long story).  I was taken back by their amazing customer service.

A Custom Rear Sight

Recently I was in search of a new rear sight for my S&W Shield.  I had a set of Ameriglo Tritium i-dots installed and I despised the U notch rear sight.  In fact, I despise all U notch sights!  I know many people like them, but when it comes to sight picture I am a traditionalist.  I did like the Ameriglo front sight and really wanted to keep it.  Thus, I set out to find a rear sight with a 0.145″ wide notch AND a ledge for manipulation drills.  As in the past, I checked out Dawson first.  I quickly zeroed in (pun) on their Charger sight; but unfortunately it was only available with a 0.125″ wide notch.  Over the next week I checked with several other manufacturers and vendors, each time finding nothing that met my requirements.  During my search I got fed up with the U-notch sight to the point I removed it and reinstalled the original rear.  This only confirmed my specs and fueled the desire to get a new rear sight.  In the top photo on this article you can see the Ameriglo front and S&W rear combo, sorta.

Knowing Dawson Precision could make a custom front sight to meet their Perfect Impact Promise, I decided to call and ask if they could (or would) make a custom rear sight.  After a short phone call with a pleasant customer service rep, I had ordered a custom Charger sight with a 0.145″ square notch.  The custom sight up charge, over the normal sight, was a whole ten dollars.  You read that right.  Only ten bucks extra and I got what I really wanted!  The wait was about a month and now that they are installed, I couldn’t be more pleased.


Readers with the eyes of a hawk will notice the rounded corner on the NDZ base pad. (Readers with the nose of a hawk are encouraged to seek out a plastic surgeon.)

If you need a set of sights I always recommend you start with Dawson Precision.  If you like a style they make but need a custom height or width, give them a call. And if you want a Charger sight for a S&W Shield with a 0.145″ notch, you’re in luck; it is now in their CNC database and is just a phone call away.



    1. I read your link. I’ve never use Dawson’s adjustable sights, but I wouldn’t blame them if I broke it while trying to remove it.

      1. When I figured out they broke into tiny little pieces I sat there for about two minutes thinking about what I did wrong. Nothing. I did nothing wrong. They broke because they were defective. Why should a company get a pass for creating a defective product?

        They shouldn’t.

        1. Again, I have never used their adjustable sights, but I have used their fixed sights on 4 different guns for thousands of rounds without problem. I stand by my recommendation.

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