Naval Special Warfare to adopt Glock 19

A verified SME on M4Carbine has posted that Naval Special Warfare (SEALs) will be switching away from the Sig P226 and adopting the Glock 19.

Looks like the Glock 19 will be the new 9mm pistol of Naval Special Warfare.

The SIG’s are still in service but are to be phased out in favor of the Glock Model 19.

I am not sure what generation, but based on those G19 already in service with SOF I’d say the Gen 3 is likely.

I will follow up when I get more issued than holsters et al.

Gen 3 Glock 19

This choice makes a lot of sense for NSW, as the poster on M4C explains. The G19 has been in service with JSOC for quite some time now, so there’s already a precedent for that gun being used by operators. Additionally, the G19 offers the best compromise in terms of shootability and capability without taking up the same amount of space a “full sized” pistol would. It can be carried openly as a secondary weapon, but can also be easily concealed if the mission calls for it. I’ll let Rana on M4C explain:

The 19 can fill a lot more roles without taking up as much real estate on an operators kit. The move away from a traditional sized “duty pistol” and a move to an “operators pistol” has been a reason behind the popularity of the G19.

The G19 is perhaps the most efficiently sized pistol in its class without giving up the capacity of a “duty size” pistol. The G19 can be carried covertly as well as overt supplement to a primary (RE: Long Gun) without being unnecessarily large (duty size).

Keep in mind that the G19 is replacing both the P239 and P226 9mm.

Personally, I think this has been a long time coming. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of really good pistols out there these days, and I like the SIG’s. But when you start carrying a lot of gear, a pistol that does everything a 226 does in a lighter more efficient package is a huge step forward.

Like I said, I think this makes a ton of sense for NSW and for JSOC/SOCCOM at large. I think the G19 offers the best of all world in terms of size, shootability, and ease of carry. 15 rounds in a package that can be easily concealed or easily used as a “duty” weapon just makes sense to me. Make no mistake, I love Sigs, and I think the P226 is one of the all time great service pistols ever made. But for the mission of NSW, going to something like a G19 just seems like a really smart call.


  1. Owning and shooting both the G19 and SIGs–a P226 and an M11A1–I can assert they are both reliable pistols. I do find the SIGs to be more accurate than the G19, as least my group sizes are noticeably smaller, especially when I compare the M11A1 and the G19. Your results might be different. The G19 is certainly more “concealed carry friendly” than the bulky SIGs are. I did hear from a former Army Delta Force operator that they had problems with Glocks over in the “Sandbox” but I don’t know if that was a general situation or only with his unit. But then, I seem to remember he was a 1911 zealot so maybe that is why.

    1. I have on the G 19 for four years been torture testing it since the day I got it I’ve only clean the weapon once the only issue I’ve ever had with the gun what’s the Clipse three years in and a lot of wear this spring started to give out I got new clips and I still have it cleaned the gun and it works perfectly now keep in mind I’ve wore this gun for 4 years every day I only take it off when I go to bed I ride four wheelers with it I don’t want Boat with it I stuck it in the mud I’ve been swimming with it well the list would go on but trust me it works

  2. As USAF helo aircrew, the G19 would make a lot of sense for us too. We’re using M9s, and the slimmer size and lighter weight would certainly be welcome on my vest between me and the flight controls.

  3. Good luck wearing gloves and trying to get a finger on the bang switch with a Glock. I never could figure out why a gun made for an army out of the cold country of Austria would design such a small trigger guard. Hope nobody gets killed figuring this out.

  4. a very bad mistake, very bad. reliability and durability are not hallmarks of Glock, any Glock.

    1. ….what? Glock has the reputation of the most reliable handgun on the market. There’s a reason Glocks are all over LE holsters.

        1. You know, I’d like to think that, but I just don’t. Especially when I see where a lot of traffic on this post is coming in from.

      1. Caleb, Unfortunately the main reason the Glock rides in so many LEO holsters is primarily price..I carry a Glock 22 or 34 I love Sig’s and own damn near the whole catalog, But most police departments go by price first and foremost which is stupid, I am not saying the Glock is a bad choice, mine have never not went bang when I wanted them to and when you are carrying a 50 pounds of equipment the weight they are going to save is well worth the change.

  5. Ran into some uniforms over in the Stan-lands packing a Glock 19… Smaller than most 15 rounders, lighter than metal framed, accurate, reliable – what’s not to like?

    As far as gloves go, my size large hands in my (ridiculously huge) ecwcs glove/mitten thing slides in without tripping the trigger. “Feeling” the trigger is a whole nother story…

  6. I’ll keep my sig, trying to conceal a g19 like trying to shop lift a 2×4 from lowes

  7. I just picked up a G19 a few weeks ago. I chose it over my second choice (the Sig 226) for two reasons, the weight and the trigger. The G19 weighs a 1/3 less than the heavy 226. To me at least, that extra 12 oz of weight on the Sig was a deal breaker. I also prefer the uniform trigger pull of the Glock vs the Double/single trigger of the 26. Being $350-400 cheaper doesn’t hurt either. Both great guns, but I chose the G19.

  8. The Sig is better hands down but it’s not plastic and if you don’t want to care for a weapon, Glock is the choice.
    Just don’t shoot lead 😉

  9. Soldiers really don’t need to conceal there guns. Some may. I’ve carried and torture tested 1911 single stacks as well as my paraP-14 , sigs all variants and my HK USP 45 . I can conceal all under a t- shirt. But all the guns except for the Glock, have a lot of parts in them. Try switching out, say a firing pin, the Glock, in 5 seconds done. Also swim in salt water with 1911 or similar, get sand in them, they are now useless. Overall, the Glock is a much better choice for any organization to carry. They shoot are accurate come in full auto, don’t rust, no real parts issues, have way less parts than any other handgun for combat roles and defensive purposes. Why a GLOCK, cause they work under the worst of the worst conditions. I’ll bet my life on them. Yeah all the rest are great, in ideal conditions, but be realistic, what combat soldier is in those conditions. Mr Glock made a very great weapon, and you see them being used, worldwide for a reason.

  10. I could understand the switch to the G19, think about it, add the Tru-glo tridium/fiber optic sights, a light and have a few 32rd “Happy sticks” mags. that’s hard for the Sig or the M9 to keep up with!

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