Girls with guns: who thinks this is hot?

Warning, slightly NSFW content below the jump depening on where you work.

porn girl with toy gun

Okay, serious question time here guys: why is this still a thing? I mean I get it, boys are horny and the power of boners is strong, but look at this image. Who legitimately thinks this is hot? I don’t get it.

I’m not saying that there aren’t hot “girls with guns” photos, because hey, there are. There are some that are hot, some that are classy, and then there’s this. Which is just…porny. And not in a fun way, either. It’s vaguely unsettling.

But what do you, my readers, think?


  1. Poor trigger discipline. Is not aiming the weapon using good sighting. Pointed in the right direction though.

    Does noting for me.

  2. Nope, nothing really sexy about it. Even when the gun is removed, if this were just a regular soft porn pic, it’s not very sexy.

  3. I don’t really get the whole “chicks with guns” fetish either, But that’s me personally. Doesn’t bother me either, don’t pay much attention to it. Nice gun though.

  4. Nah I find women like Tactissy sexier than chick’s wearing next to nothing packing a gun

  5. Not for me. Too many real women who look classy, can shoot and have great personalities.

  6. Meh. I prefer real women. That doesn’t do anything for me. If you want attractive, scantily clad ladies — handling firearms PROPERLY — check out some of Oleg Volk’s work.

  7. I’d rather see a girl in t-shirt/jeans & appropriate footwear having fun. A real woman is hot, the above shot is just the stereotype of what bros are supposed to think is hot. Hah imagine the reverse, with some male speedo-model contorting around a high-point carbine- probably not that entertaining for women and not exactly an enticement for men to get into shooting.

  8. Dude…. How about putting the picture after the break for those of us in at work. RSS feed at work… not cool at all. And no. Not hot. Stick to just guns. kthxbye

  9. I do like women with guns and do think they quite becoming, but, the picture in post is as every one is saying, porny, and unattractive.

  10. IMHO, Plain and Simple SMUT!!

    Even Dillon is taming it down quite a bit.

    Jessie just went on the Cover and they might be using more shooters on the Cover soon!!

  11. An auto loader like a 1911 would have been sexy… Oh wait, there’s a half naked girl in that picture!

  12. They should have used a glock…then all the uh “polymer” wouldn’t be out of place.

  13. Oh Caleb, I sure missed you. Tim and his thoughtful posts are nothing compared to your profound articles.

  14. Someone needs to stand up for the poor girl, despite the photographer’s poor choice of poses and costumes. She’s easy on the eyes with curves in all the right places. The result of the photo shoot, not so much (though a bit slutty is never a bad thing, thank God my mother doesn’t read this.)

  15. She does look rather hot- the temperature looks to be close to 100, and there’s not a lot of shade or cover…
    Oh, you mean “hot” as in like, really super attractive… no, not really.

  16. I’m not just over it, I was never under it. I didn’t care for it when Blue Press did it, and I thought it was silly when Magpul started doing it. I’m a straight guy who likes women. I admire attractive women. I just don’t like it when they are used to sell me products I would otherwise be interested in. I feel like it’s an insult to my intelligence. Like I can’t appreciated the clever engineering of a polymer AR-15 magazine, without first being guided by my male bits towards a scantily clad show model.

    I am, admittedly, unusual in this regard. I once asked a car model at the Tokyo Motor Show to kindly move aside so that I could take a photo of the car I was there to see.

    When companies have to resort to nearly naked models to attract the attention of consumers, I feel like they don’t believe their products can stand on their own merits.

  17. The woman isn’t dressed to be out in the desert at all, leading me to believe that she was brought there against her will. I can only surmise that this is a sexual assault gone wrong. We need to get the rape culture out of the gun culture.

  18. New Chris nailed it. In advertising, the whole scantily clad women bit tells me that their product cannot speak for itself, so they have to seduce people into buying. It tells me to steer clear.

  19. The reason this is still a thing is because so long as there is art, there will be not terribly good art.

    Pinups and erotic art are just like any other genre. The artist needs an understanding of lighting, composition, pose, color, and whatever subject matter is being used. This photographer thought that all he needed was to know what he thought was sexy, and to spend a lot of money on an expensive camera, model, costume, prop, and lots of oil.

    So long as the artist is happy with it, I guess that counts for something. But unless you’re a middle school boy, or happen to be especially excited by fishnet tops, high heels, guns, and aftermarket parts, you are not likely to appreciate this magnum opus.

    TLDR: Learn to art, noob!

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