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You probably noticed that there hasn’t been a lot of new content from me in the past few…months. I’ve been a little busy, attending Air Force basic military training. Now I’m at technical school for my AFSC (that’s what the AF calls an MOS/rate in case you didn’t know) learning all about being Security Forces. That was my first choice for jobs, because I wanted a career field that was related to what I do as a civilian. I’m not very far into training, but the stuff we’ve covered so far has all been firearms related, first qualifying on the M9 then spending the next two days learning the manual of arms for the M4 carbine.

To answer all the usual questions I’ve gotten when this comes back up, I’ll just lay some bullet points on you guys, my faithful readers and friends.

  1. I’m in the Reserves
  2. I’m an E3
  3. I am going to continue Gun Nuts
  4. Yes, going to BMT at 32 years old was weird

I also plan on getting regula updates going on the site again. Don’t expect much during the week for now, as I need to balance out my academic load and figure out exactly how much studying I’m going to need to do in order to accomplish my goal of making top graduate. But I have (most) weekends free, so I plan on dropping updates in there. Yes, I will talk about military firearms training. 

As far as the “why” of going back to the military at my age, that is a long and very personal post that I’ll probably save for later. When I have more time, which isn’t today. In the meantime, thank you everyone for staying with the blog. Keep coming back for new and interesting content!


  1. Outstanding !! The four years I spent in the Air Force many years ago were the most exciting times of my life. You get to do things & see things that civilians just cannot imagine ! Sometimes those things can be rugged, but hell they’re REAL !!

  2. I would have thought they’d give you some credit for being a prior service Coastie.

    Do you have trouble NOT saying “Semper Paratus!” when asked what the motto is? 🙂

  3. Congratulations. Your experiences will make most interesting notes to read.

  4. Good for you!
    When did the AF start giving out the Air Force Training Ribbon?
    I spent 8 year 7 months and 22 days in the AF and didn’t get one. AND a year in the Texas ANG.
    I have the National Defense Medal, AF Good Conduct Medal with Oak Leaf, AF Longevity ribbon with Oak Leaf and NCO Academy ribbon. I was E5 when I left the Service in 1980.
    Was not quite good enough a shot back then (iron sights) for Marksmanship, but I still have my USAF Firearms Qualification card for M16 from the Texas ANG. No expiration date, BTW!
    Now retired and in my 60s and a crack shot with my 2 AR rifles (scoped) 5.56 and 300BLK.

  5. OK. I looked up the Training ribbon.
    This ribbon was authorized by the Air Force chief of staff on Oct. 12, 1980.
    I was discharged 30 Sept. 1980.
    Or as Maxwell Smart would say “Missed it by THAT much”!

  6. Good job man. Most guys your age and in your position would never do this. Best of luck and don’t let whatever the Air Force calls their drill sergeants scare you lol

  7. Good job. Spent 1966-1970 as an “Air Police”, the last 17 months as a member of a multi service “town patrol”. Camp Bullis, which you will meet I’m sure, was nothing more than open range and sage brush. Good luck

  8. Joined the Air Force?

    Your stock just went up, son.

    Be prepared.
    As a reservist, you WILL be called up when the time comes. I dealt with a lot of guys during my 20+ years that joined the reserves with the notion they would never have to leave their hometown…oops.

    Volunteer for everything.
    Don’t whine when it’s crappy.
    Don’t back down from Jarheads.

    1. Thanks for the support and advice! I joined with the goal of deploying, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to do that sooner than later.

  9. Wow. Nice move, Mr Giddings. Best of luck in your new career.
    If I hear that the USAF is transitioning to revolvers in the future, I’ll know who was involved.

  10. Congrats Caleb, I’m a retired USAF E-8 Security Forces. When I served the excellent S&W K-Frame M15 Combat Masterpiece revolver was the issue sidearm and the “old school” M16 with prong flash suppressor and triangular handguards was the issue rifle. Good luck in your new endeavor! Perhaps you can get some fellow security forces to compete at the Bianchi Cup.

  11. Good for you!!!!!!! As a former Air Force Sgt E-4 I’m proud of you!!

  12. Outstanding! You are even more my hero now! I believe everyone would benifit from time in the services. I commend your efforts! Well done!

  13. Congratulations! I enlisted Army Infantry at 30, so I understand the surreal experience you just went through. Looking forward to your analysis of military training.

  14. Congrats. I’m live in San Antonio if you want someone to show you around, or you want to try a local IDPA match or something. I can probably loan you a Gun.

    1. You know, I have been thinking about the logistics of just that once I get ATP and can leave the base on weekends.

      1. Shoot me an Email from above and I’ll send you my phone number and we can get together. I can loan you enough gear for an IDPA match, and that’s normally what I shoot.

  15. “As far as the “why” of going back to the military at my age, that is a long and very personal post that I’ll probably save for later.”

    What did you do in the military before?

  16. Caleb,
    Tons of shooting in San Antonio. Nardis indoor gun range (they rent guns). Lonestar handgun, Cedarridge range – check their schedule, a match every weekend. The Bullet Hole, McQuenney indoor range in New Braunfels.
    If you go to Nardis, tell them Jeremy sent you.

  17. Seeing the A1C stripes with all four ribbons that one can attain in basic made me pause. I too went back into the service at an older age, (29), and i too came out of basic with all four ribbons, something you don’t see very often. Great job Caleb, keep it up.
    Ret. MSgt
    Combat Rescue FE

  18. I’m guessing this means you’re going to be out of Ellsworth? That’s where my dad was stationed in the late 70s/early 80s when he was working on B-52Hs.

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