HK USP9 Tactical

HK USP9 Tactical card

Amidst the hubbub of the HK P30SK launch at NRA, this little gem slipped quietly under the radar. What little gem, you’re asking, as you pointedly note I’ve only shown you a picture of a product card. This little gem:

hk usp9 tactical

The HK USP9 Tactical. All the sweetness of the Mark 23 in a gun that you could reasonably conceal. Plus, it actually has some cool features, including HK’s O-ring barrel, which means this sucker will absolutely drive tacs out to whatever range you feel like pushing it. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the threaded barrel, but the gun says tactical on it, so you take what you can get. What I’ve always found interesting was HK putting obviously competition features on a gun marked “tactical.” Trigger overtravel stop, adjustable sights, reduced trigger pull? All that says “gamer gun” to me. But hey, put on a threaded barrel and now it’s tactical.

HK USP9 tactical 2

Whatever you say, HK. I still want one.


  1. Don’t know about easily concealed, but it would make a heck of a range toy.

  2. I’ve got it’s predecessor, the USP 9 Expert… it is glorious and no ragrets about the $1350 I paid for it! It is the most accurate and reliable pistol I’ve ever owned (Sigs, Blocks, M&P’s etc). Only downside is the squarish grip, but all is forgiven after that first trigger pull 🙂

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