The Ultimate IDPA gun?

Tanfoglio Limited Stock

Ever since I made the Tanfoglio cool by shooting it at Bianchi Cup in 2012, the Stock/Elite line of guns has been taking off in USPSA Production division. But it hasn’t really been adopted by IDPA shooters, partly because it weighs approximately 1.8 million pounds and was hard to sneak under IDPA’s weight requirements.

Fear no more! The Tanfoolgiadkoiua Elite Limited Pro is here to save the day! And best of all, it’s available in my favorite pet cartridge, the .38 Super. Come on, you know you want to rock this at an IDPA match in SSP. “What’s that?” some Glock toting vest enthusiast will ask you. “Why, it’s a Tanfoglio Limited Pro…in .38 Super. It’s a little obscure, but it’s the Gun of Champions.”

Plus it’s a .38 Super! And those are just better.


  1. Sorry but the Tanfoglio Elite Limited Pro won’t fit the box, unless they changed the specs. The beaver tail is too long. Practical Pistol Show / Candice Gear Queer even did a review on this gun and they discuss how it won’t fit the box, if the club is using a correctly sized box.

    Another thing stopping the Stock II is the tapered bull barrel.

    This is all unfortunate as I would love to shoot an Lim Pro in SSP, but I don’t want to spend that type of coin just to have a gun I can only use in USPSA Production.

  2. Looks pretty slick. I think I’d still rather have an Accu-Shadow Lite, but that’s because I’m a shameless CZ fanboy.

  3. whatta hipster! “My gun is a blah, blah, blah and it’s in blah, blah caliber, you probably never heard of it, not many people use it..blah, blah”.

  4. I want a CZ-75, or a CZ variant so much I can taste it!! Sweet gun!

  5. Love me my .38 Super.
    I have my late Great Uncle John’s 1948 Colt in .38Super.
    If you can’t carry a cool imported piece carry a vintage gun now on its third generation.

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