The best I’ve ever shot

We all have that moment – the sun is shining, birds are singing, your sights look good, the trigger feels just right, and you shoot better than you’ve ever shot anything before, or maybe ever again. I’ve seen guys at that moment, and I was fortunate to capture my personal experience with that moment on video.

To this day, that Tanfo Stock II in .38 Super is the best pure competition gun I’ve ever shot.


  1. As a right hander like you I find I prefer to shoot left to right on any kind of array.
    Years ago when I first learned about selecting recoil springs for a 1911 I tested myself over and over on a plate rack to find the spring weight that best aided recoil control and tracking from plate to plate.
    I was surprised to find I consistently shot .4-.5 faster going right to left, even though it felt weird. Now I can go either direction depending on the stage.
    Have you tested yourself in both directions?

  2. Great shooting– especially shooting freestyle standing up all the way! To score a 47 on plates at the Cup with a mettalic sight gun is quite an achievement. IMO the Bianchi Cup (NRA Action Pistol) Plate event is the toughest course of fire in the handgun shooting sports. The pressure to excel is incredible–its 10 points or nothin’ riding on each pull of the trigger under short time pressure and there are no extra shots allowed and no alibi’s.

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