First look: HK P30SK


At the 2015 NRA Annual Meetings, HK announced the product I am the most interested in, the new P30SK. SK, in HK nomenclature denotes a subcompact pistol, and the new P30SK definitely fits the bill.


Like all hammer fired HK pistols, the P30SK will be available with any of the various HK trigger configurations. My preferred HK trigger is the light LEM, which gives a wonderfully smooth revolver-style trigger pull. The P30SK magazines hold 10 rounds, and the gun will accept the same 15 round mags as its parent pistol, the P30.

I think this gun looks great, and I’m glad to see HK finally bringing the grip modularity of the P30 to the subcompact market. I’d held off on buying a P2000SK specifically in hopes of this pistol existing someday, and now here it is.


  1. Wow, H&K and there are clearly tooling marks running down the length of the slide. No thanks.

      1. Definitely NOT an artifact. You can CLEARLY see lines down the ENTIRE length of the slide.

        1. Look fuckstick, I actually saw the gun with my own two eyes. I had to punch up the contrast on the photo because the lighting was shit, there are no lines down the side.

    1. I agree Allen, I would have to see one in person to be sure; at their website the model has a similar look to it. Personally I don’t like the magazine eject paddles like the Beretta Pico; so I’ll just stick with my other semi compact and compact 9’s.

  2. Looks like a nice little pistol, fairly similar to the Springfield XD-9 Subcompact Mod.2 that is my current carry pistol. I really like the Mod. 2. My only gripe, and this appears to be true of ALL of the small 9mm pistols that have come into the market in the last few years, is that none of them will put the small magazine base plate extension (I use Pearce) on their magazines to allow the average male hand to get all three grip fingers onto the grip! It seems to be such a no brainer to me.

    1. Small 9mm pistols are supposed to be small. Giving it a finger extension makes it not small. That defeats the purpose of a small pistol. Buying a Glock 26 and then making it as long as a 19 so you can get a good grip is silly since you could have just gotten a 19.

      Also this pistol would be more exciting if it were a VP9SK instead of a P30SK, but I’m sure we will see that soon enough.

    2. So, I’m not the only one that thought this was the Springfield XD Mod 2, when I saw the picture first?

  3. Thanks for holding it so I can see what the grip length is like. Looks like I’d not be able to get three fingers on the grip if you can barely get part of your pinky on it. I was pretty excited about it, but I may have to stick with something bigger.

    1. If possible, I highly recommend renting one (or the P2000SK) and seeing how well you work with it. I can speak from experience… I shoot my P2000SK (with flush mag plates) with my pinkie tucked under the mag floor as well as I shoot my P30. It just shoots so well and naturally even with a finger off the grip. It almost makes you wonder if Germans know Voodoo.

  4. If I didn’t know the VP9 existed, I’d be excited about this, but now I’m holding out for a VP9sk. I’m guessing there was a product planning issue here.

  5. Slide serrations on the front of a subcompact? C’mon HK, get your head out. Other than that, excellent!

    I recently chose a P2000sk as my warm weather carry. I love the thing. Flush mag floor plates with pinky curled work surprisingly well, and of course the gun takes P2000 and P30/VP9 15-round mags. Carry the gun with the short mag and a P30 spare. Xgrip makes spacers/fillers so the longer mags can be used without a gap, I am confident they will make the same for this new P30sk. Now sights… This will have the same limited number of aftermarket night sights available, though the field is slightly better than what is to be had for the P2000 series. I have Trijicon HDs on my 2ksk. Would be nice if Ameriglo would make HK sights, they’ve got a setup for Glocks I really like.

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