Walking around gun

M&P 9mm with RMR and CRKT

The most dangerous thing I do any given day is walk my dog. I don’t actually mean that as a joke, either. Dog walking means walking, and there are occasionally unsavory characters around.

I don’t worry about it too much, but I did want to try this dig out for a lot of walking, so I took what I thought was an M&P holster, tied it on, and did 5 solid miles with the dog. Comfort was great, concealment was fine, and if I was attacked by ninjas I’d have a lot of ammo on hand.

Still not carrying a reload, though.


  1. What do you do for jogging? Bicycling? I’d like to hear your wisdom on this. What about at the gym?

    1. Middle America grows up quick around the oil boom. I’m way over in the middle of Montana and we’ve seen a very real uptick in crime. It’s hard to find places to rent or even park a trailer anywhere east of here. It’ll be interesting to see what happens this summer if oil prices stay low. Will the unsavory types move away or be stuck here with no jobs and no way out.

      1. I just got back from the middle of the oil patch (Watford city, ND) and if oil prices/drilling don’t pick up real soon it will get fairly ugly out there fast… As compared to weekly or bi-weekly shootings and daily having crap blowing up. In a town of about 20,000-25,000!

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