EDC Pocket Dump video

Today I’m taking you guys on a rare look at my EDC, the stuff I carry with me every day of my life at all times.

Okay, if you made it past the jump, you realize now that was a joke. I did however have my actual EDC stuff in there – if you watch the bits about the 640 Pro and the Spyderco knife, that would cover it. I also carry a LED lenser pocket flashlight, because that thing is useful as all get out. I wanted to make this video because I’ve seen so many ridiculous EDC videos on youtube that basically consist of “most tactical man” ever contests; people who seriously carry three guns every day, and some fishing line in a fanny pack or something like that. Those people need to calm down.

What I’d really like to do is deconstruct the very idea of having an “EDC” – people treat it like some kind of loadout that they have to prep all the time. Maybe…just carry your gun? Stop making a big deal about it, carry it, practice with it, and train hard.


  1. I would argue that the “just your gun” comment isn’t QUITE enough… You also need a good/compact blowout kit! At minimum you need some kind of tourniquet and a pressure bandage, but I’d also recommend a hemostatic gauze roll. I’d recommend the SWAT-T and Quik-clot Combat Gauze. Yes I know the SWAT-T has it’s critics but the size and versatility more than makes up for the shortfalls – which just a little bit of training can overcome. These kits are getting smaller and smaller all the time – so much so that there’s no excuse NOT to have one. In all reality, you’re far more likely to need a blowout kit than a gun. They aren’t just for gunshot wounds! Many people have successfully used their first-aid kits on accident victims they happen to come into contact with (car accidents, industrial accidents, etc). Many more people have had to improvise with less-than-ideal alternatives because they DIDN’T have a kit on them. One more plus to a blowout kit? You never have to leave it behind because it’s banned at the location you’re visiting. “Carry it, practice with it, train hard!” 😉

    1. I think that carrying a blow-out kit in your vehicle is absolutely a great idea. Factory new cars should come with blowout kits and fire extinguishers.

      1. It’s been my experience 99% of gun owners (and people who would classify themselves as highly experienced shooters) have no idea what a blowout kit is, an IFAK, where or how to apply a tq, where and when to use a chest seal and how many are needed, arterial vs venous bleeding, how to improvise any of the above Etc.

        It’s interesting everyone knows the Taurus Judge, the debate over 9/40/45, what a Sig Brace is, Keltec’s KSG, and an infinitely number of other stupid things. But simple medical seems to be one of those things people are willfully ignorant of.

        The last time I brought up the point about an ifak on a gun blog, I was told I was an operator wannabe, asked where I deployed in the sandbox, etc. I’m starting to consider most male gun owners are using the “operator” put downs to hide their fear of training be it for shooting or medical or anything else – the risk of being intimidated seems to be a deal breaker for most. There is over-reach in the tactical market for sure, but I’m starting to see kick back on practical things that might seem expensive or scary. Both of which intimidate.

        So while I like the sentiment… putting an blowout kit everywhere is probably just a waste.

      2. Maybe you can get Obama to mandate them and maybe they’ll even require an annual inspection on your car fire extinguisher for an annual fee of like $50. I think I’ll just pick up my own extinguisher at my nearby Home Improvement store and emergency first aid kit on my own too. Don’t want to add another couple hundred to the price of a car that is already overpriced due to a dozen or so airbags.

  2. You don’t carry a dog? Really important to have one for protection and tracking wounded perps. Loved the reference to Silverado. Very funny!

  3. No mention of your watch, er, I mean, timepiece? Do you carry a backup sundial?

  4. Dude, I can’t believe you didn’t mention that all of your cell phones are on different carriers. I mean, what would happen if ISIS took our the Verizon satellite, and all you have are 3 Verizon phones? Poor planning, man. Poor planning.

  5. You should totally carry extra Tritium sights for the 640, just in case you’re crouched behind a sedan, at night, fighting off the Huns and they reach radioactive half life.

  6. Man, I committed the ultimate sin. In my previous comment I used “your” in place of “you’re.” I am so ashamed.

    Editor’s note: All your sins have been forgiven and/or ninja edited, check your previous comment and go with God.

  7. I approve of everything in your EDC, but I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t carry any literature on you. At a minimum I always carry a physical copy of the constitution and a King James Bible. You never know when someone out there is going to challenge your rights and the only thing protecting you from undue prosecution is proof of your rights. The King James Bible is key if you ever find your self tempted by sin, and need some reassurances of the constant need to stand your ground like a good sheep dog. It also is good for having people swear on to assure that they are truthful with you, and also for giving a wolf his last rights after you have done your part defending the home front. I also keep a copy on all three of my phones but it is no substitute for the real deal.

  8. Caleb, Caleb, Caleb……. I thought you hated finger grooves…. and your carry hammer has them! What sacrilege!

  9. You win at least 5 tacticalz…

    Keep on howling you mighty sheepdog…those lambs sleep peacefully at night because rough sheepdogs stand ready to visit violence on wolves…or something.

  10. No chainsaw? If the zombie apocalypse happened right now, where would you be without a chainsaw?
    Where was your back up flashlight? And only a flail? Not a morning star, not a glaive as a back up? You had a hammer, but no wrench or socket set? And really, who gets through their day without using super-glue? I’m beginning to think you don’t really carry all that every day….

    I literally laughed out loud at the “logic” of the different calibers.

    Now you need to make a video of you pulling all of this stuff out of the same pocket/fanny pack.

  11. With the weight of your EDC I think you really could replace all that and simply carry a cop.

  12. This is way to much stuff to carry on you. Anyone, go out and try this and see if you feel comfortable. Ridiculous.

      1. I didn’t sense any sarcasm, and you’re putting people’s lives at risk on the streets.

        1. The best sarcasm is easily confused as serious.

          But seriously, you didn’t get that when he started talking about how the Blackberry is what the government issues and they never make mistakes. Or how you should carry the flashlight in the box to keep it safe.

          Wait, I’m realizing your post is probably sarcasm now…

  13. Seriously what’s wrong with carrying for fishing line? It’s in my vehicle/pocket 99% of the time… Ok so I like to deadline for catfish and live like 300 yards from the river/I’m just to lazy to take it out of the vehicle.

  14. You forgot that you need a spare set of keys for your car.

    I keep a bunch of that in my Ranger, either in my cheap tool bag, glove box, or in a storage box in my bed (with a locking hard tonneau cover)

  15. Caleb’s EDC has a serious deficiency in long guns. I carry everything listed in the video and on this page, plus an AR-15, AK-47 and Barrett 50 cal. Get with it man!

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