Gun nut problems

Henry Big Boy, Ruger Blackhawk, KaBar and holster

I took the Henry Big Boy .45 Colt to the range the other day to test it out, and unsurprisingly it was an absolute blast to shoot. However, there was one little problem.

It absolutely would not feed the Fiocchi cowboy ammo with anything that resembled reliability. I would get all kinds of weird failures to feed. I was worried, but then I would feed it Hornady cowboy ammo and Winchester PDX and it gobbled those up no problems. Based on the “doctor it hurts when I do this” philosophy, I’ll just feed it the good stuff. It’s just too bad, because the Hornady and the Winchester are about $1.00 a round, and the Fiocchi is $0.45 a round. See what I mean? Gun nut problems.


  1. Sounds like it’s time to buy a press to feed your .45LC habit with cheap lead bullets of many shapes.

  2. My wife and I participate in SASS events. We had similar feed problems until I realized that the shells were semi-wadcutter and that ridge on the side prevented proper feeding…solution is to use round nose ammo only.

  3. Once you’ve got some brass you can build your own 45 Colt ammo for under twenty cents per round.

  4. Yea……….so that .458 SOCOM you talked me into comes in at about $3.50 per round for factory.

    25 projectiles from Nosler are over $1.20 apiece.

    No sympathy from here Homie.

    1. I used to shoot only factory ammo in my .41 mag blackhawk…until I took an arrow to the wallet. I bought a reloading press and that’s why I started reloading. Because 40 bucks per box of ammo wasn’t kosher.

    1. No, I haven’t contacted them on it yet, mostly because the gun ran fine with other brass. I just sort of assumed that the cheaper Fiocchi wasn’t as good as Bronady or Winchester.

  5. Not sorry either……….. .45-70 ballistics in an AR? SOLD!

    Oh, and 500 grain Nosler Partition, subsonic, suppressed, from the same gun? I’m done shooting hogs twice!

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