Cowboys vs. Zombies

Henry Big Boy with Ruger Blackhawk and Ka-Bar

I’m not saying that I’m prepping to survive an 1800s zombie apocalypse, but the thought did occur to me. In the photo: Henry Big Boy .45 Colt, Ruger Blackhawk .45 Colt, Ka-Bar, Hornady 255gr LRN, and Winchester 225gr PDX. Click more for a couple more photos.

Henry Big Boy, Ruger Blackhawk, KaBar and holster

In this photo the only addition is the Western Star Leather holster that I’ve been using for a carry holster for the Blackhawk. Yes, I’m carrying an SA revolver. It’s awesome.

just old man things

If I combine both these guns, I have the same capacity as a Glock 19. But I’m cooler.


  1. I have the same sort of setup in .38/.357 with a matched pair of Ruger Vaqueros, and a Marlin 1894c. I have a double rig holster set-up from a great local leather guy that completes the set. I also have the same type pistols in .45LC but find the .38s cheaper to shoot…

    Carrying a SA revolver is the cats meow, agree 100% there.

      1. I know nothing about them, but if I had more than a grand to spend on a toy I might get a.45 LC repro Spencer. You can get extra 7-round tube magazines for them, along with a long skinny mag pouch. I think that would be cooler and more convenient than a gateless Henry, if they work.

      1. That’s the ejection port on the Henry, there’s no loading gate on this. It loads from the tube like a Henry rimfire.

  2. If I combine both these guns, I have the same capacity as a Glock 19. But I’m cooler.

    Plus, if you did get sucked through a time-vortex to the zombie apocalypse that happened in the 1800s (something that the Stonecutters have successfully removed from the history books *), where would you get ammo for your Glock? And then there’s that whole time-travel paradox thing: if somebody else got a hold of your Glock and reverse-engineered it 100 years before Gaston invented it, history would be changed, and our guns today would be made of transparent aluminum. **

    * There was a similar outbreak in England in the year 1300. Instead of erasing the records about what happened, the powers-that-be made the story into a “fiction” movie starring Bruce Campbell. That way, if anybody ever tries to tell the truth about Ash Williams, Lord Arthur, and Duke Henry, they’ll be regarded as a lunatic. Score one for the conspiracy masters.

    ** Because it would have led to a long chain of events where the whales were hunted to extinction earlier, so the crew of the Enterprise would have to travel farther back into time to save the Earth from the alien probe.

    1. I have it on good authority (don’t ask, if I told you, I’d have to hunt you down) that a Glock was in fact transported to the 19th century. JMB (PBUH) took one look at it, and knew he could do better. I know him. He’s an artist; just about time for him to go back as well.

  3. On display is one of the things I like about you and your blog. You carry a gun-revolver in this case-that you feel comfortable with, and rightfully so, not what others consider you should carry. I think the same way, if I can shoot a revolver (my Ruger SP101 .357mag Spurless 2.25in) better, meaning purchase, draw, pointability, and accuracy, that’s what I am going to carry, period! If it’ a semi-auto (my XDS 9mm) then that’s going to be it. Thankfully, I have practiced extensively with both, and although I like both in most categories, I have a preference for the Ruger SP101, especially loaded with .357mag. Anyway, sorry for the rambling, but keep up the good work. I read your posts daily and enjoy them all..

  4. Real fun!

    For dated drama those guns remind me of the scene in Silverado when Scott Glenn’s character was out practicing when a bad guy popped up and announced, “You’re empty!”

    A good lesson in reasons to keep a BUG.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. I liked in Silverado before the bad guys jump Scott Glenn he’s using a quick draw rig…left-handed! My favorite movie!!

  5. The guns match up well, but you need a bowie knife instead of a Ka-Bar to go along with the period look. Something along the lines of Cold Steel’s Laredo or Natchez Bowie. They make them both in O-1 carbon steel these days, which takes a lot of the bite out of the price, if you don’t want to pay the full pop for San Mai III.

  6. Coming from a guy with 3 leverguns and 4 SA Rugers in .45 Colt and 4,000 loaded rounds and supplies to load another 10,000 or so, an AR in 5.56 and 9mm Glock is the way to go. Scrounging for ammo in Zombieland isn’t going to turn up much .45 Colt.

    But hey, I get where you’re coming from.

  7. Sorry, but you need a more traditional style knife. The KaBar doesn’t go at all with those guns. Something from the Bark River Historical Series would be more appropriate.

  8. The Ka-Bar and the PDX are awfully out of place. I’d like to see a reasonable sized (not some of the more ridiculous bowies out there) fighting knife in its place.

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