1. Here in Virginia you can bag a buck with your car year’round. Too damn many of the creatures.

  2. I had the same plan last season. My wife bagged her first deer with a crossbow at about 30 yards on her cousin’s property in Indiana. We went back out a few weeks later to pick up the meat and I brought my 686-4 with some Speer Gold Dots. I was hitting about 1-1.25 inches at 25 yards at the range so I felt comfortable shooting out to maybe 35 yards or so. Unfortunately none came in range the three days I was out there.

  3. Oh dear!

    I had the same plan 20 years ago: I was going to bag a Pronghorn in Wyoming with a .41 Magnum Ruger Blackhawk .. with original iron sights.

    Drove 1000 miles from Western Oregon to Sheridan, Wyoming (well, close).

    First hunt day: my father couldn’t get his scoped Blackhawk to hit where aimed during sight-in. Determined that the recoil from the magnum load had broken the crosshairs in his 2.5x scope.

    Second hunt day: missed a running buck at i0 yards .. with 3 shots. Seems the gun shoots low .. when I jerk the trigger. Buck Fever? Nawwwww!

    Third hunt day: missed a standing buck at 30 yards; he was below the crest of the hill, only his head peaking over a rock formation. Killed rock once. Pronghorn got bored, and wandered off.

    Fourth hunt day: Father bored, stayed in bed. I took the .25-06 rifle, left the pistol in the camper, climbed to the top of the ridge, killed an 80 pound doe (any sex license) at 40 yards, self-taught myself to field-dress a doe, On the road by 9am. Went home.

    .Estimate antelope meat dressed out at about $100/lb. Admired my bargain.

    BOTH Rugers now very happy in gun safe

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